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To war is a clamity but to bring it is to seek a contendation that wouldn't ever suffice unless there was an outcome of fortitude. If the outcome is less than gratifying which it usually is then the war itself had no positive survitude unless graciously determined the outcome of the winner that all is to prosper in prosperity of abundance that wouldn't ever  upset either winners nor losers. That is why all wars are fought to the death or the unconditional surrender of at least one of the participating parties. There will be no conclusion of surrender unless there is a complete abidence of the winners terms. If you wish to war with people you have to understand that this is the outcome that will most likely occur. When I war with an opponant I don't have to kill you as much as I have to persuade you to give up your fight and let myself make the commandments of which to honor. If those commandments aren't honered then we will continue to battle until you have either taken my commandments as law or you are to kill me. I myself won't ever surrender due to the fact to follow the laws of others only brings me to a place of condemnation and immotional turmoil that I myself can't stand to bear. Those that say this is pig headed or stubborn have only to understand that if you give in to the terms of others you will forever be subject to any future terms they wish to incorporate. This is the type of open ended agreement you make whenever you agree to abide by the laws of a party who doesn't always have your best interest in mind. This is usally realized to late by a surrendering proponet and they often wish they had to continued to fight for the terms of surrender are always modified to suit the wants and needs of the winner. If you find yourself on the losing end of a battle don't ever surrender without making sure that the terms are guaranteed if you can do so but how to guarantee them is the question. If you get a guarantee then you need to take some insurance that they stick to their word. This is always and ever completely impossible in a world in which you have nothing to offer and they have nothing to lose. I you want my opinion then the world will continue to be what it is and has always been. A world where the powerful rule for as long as they can, take what they want and continue to pacify the losers with as what little they can. Never underestimate the greed and the lust for power of the ruling party. For as long as they can they will triumph with such vast greatness that people will forever realize that they and they alone where the ruling party. If you happen to become the ruling party through dilligence and forthcoming advancements don't hesitate to take what is yours for it belongs to you for your strength your courage and your bravery. If you should be a losing party don't hesitate to realize you lost. Take what is given to you and ask for nothing.

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