Metaphorical Speakings
Train Ride to Nowhere


Train ride we where taking places to go if we ever got  anywhere I don't even know. I rhode the train always I  never thought much but at the end of the journey when I was about to get off, I looked at the past and the stuff we'd been through and to tell you the truth I always dam knew the end of the end was upon us at last and with one final whistle I moved on from the past.

Problematic Problems


  In a world with problematic problems there will always be reasons to fight. If you do choose to fight you must first make sure the reason you are fighting is worth fighting for. You also have to be sure an outcome of victory is achievable. If you determine a victory is not a outcome that can be achieved you need to rethink your reasoning for fighting a losing battle and determine it makes no sense. If you determine a victory can be achieved then you need to calculate your expected losses. If you determine your casualities will be to great then the cause is better abandoned. Only If you determine victory can be achieved and casualties are mangeable then the fight is worth fighting. However if the war is out of desperation or your situation is so bad it is unbearable then no casualties should be considered to great.

Forward momentum can only be stopped by an opposite acting opposition Tags: Forward momentum can only be stopped by an opposite acting opposition



 If you are moving forward you may find yourself under great resistance from opposite acting oppositions. As this happens you will wonder the reason they have impeeded your progress. The reasons they have usually are become your goals are not aligned or opposing. When you have goals that conflict with other peoples goals you have to be exceedignly careful. They will try to move themselves forward at the fastest momentum possible impeeding your own desired goals. Some people will never concede their own goals to let you achieve yours even if it means doing something very bad. If this is the case you may find yourself in danger. If you are in danger then the best thing to do is relinquish your goal to the opposition unless you feel it is a mandatory goal that can not be relinquished due to its undue importance. Do not let your emotions get in the way.

A planet bequest of bequestions will never ask the questions


 To never ask the questions of your leaders as to how the things around us have come to be is to never have a complete understanding of how the world works. If you don't question you don't know. If you do ask and they refuse to answer you know they have something to hide. If you do ask and the answer seems unlikely and unbelievable you have the right to demand proof. If they can't prove or refuse to do so you know they have something to hide. Beware for if they are hiding something and you bequest the answer to their hidden secrets then they will become antogonistic and get angry at the inquiry.

Residual Residuals Tags: Residual Residuals


     In a world of residual residuals there is a component that resides that can forthwittingly resemble a complacent complacement of prostuity. There will be no gains and no loss for long periods of times and then all those gains that seemed non-existant wil appear in the underlying balance. As that happens people will start to scrambble to buy up such a commodity. This will result in even further gains. If you are the holder of a residual residual do not let it go until you absolutely feel the need to do so as these commodities can result in some very large gains. You will see over time how this plays out. Starting with even a small residual can be very beneficial in periods of time that that residual becomes sought after. If you do have a residual that is highly sought after do becareful when you do decide to dispose of it as people wil stop at nothing to take advantage of your  naïvety. 

Forward or Backward are Both the Same Direction

If you are moving forward you have gone from your current location to a new location. Moving backward you have done likewise but to move backward seems like it is a diffrent direction when in fact it is just a diffrent location in the same direction. It is impossible to actually go backward since there is nothing that really exists in the past. Only the future is actually possible.

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There is no such thing as time


     Upon further ponderance I have come to the conclusion that time does not exist except in the law of physics. I have come to this conclusion through the observation of how things change and why they change at the pace in which they change. To me it seems that every change that takes place  in the universe is not dictated by time but rather physics. It is the law of physics that dictates the rate and speed at which all things change. For example if you have a car  that is traveling at 100 miles an hour the speed at  which the car travels is all dictated by physical changes and therfor controlled by the law of physics..Therfor it seems that for any change to take place all you need is physics and the law of physics that governs the physical changes. Time does not need be a factor and bears no relavance. As long as we have the law of physics everything will happen in accordance with those laws.

The composition of time Tags: The composition of time


    Time has 3 components. A front a middle and a rear. In the front time has what appears to be something of perspectual perspectualness that will move things forward at a set forth proponent. This part of time is easy to see and witness. However it is not easy to predict at which point time will make forward momentum happen. It would seem that this forward momentum is always in inactment but I would disagree with this. To me it seems more as if time interacts with things on its own accord leaving somethings unchanged for long standing periods of time. An example of this would be how time occasionally interacts with the speed of light. The speed of light remains constant but occasionally time will manifest itself into the equation and make modifications of the speed that light travels. For instance light will move forward forthwittingly at a billion miles a second but if it encounters any kind of resistance then time will inject itself and change the speed at which it was moving. Which leads me to the assumption that in order for time to inject itself into any equation a proponent has to take place that makes a physical change that would cause time to interject itself. If no physical change takes place than time has also not been a factor.

    The middle proponent of time is the area in which time is manipulating  the change that takes place. At first it would seem time moves at a constant speed but upon further investigation we can see that time has sped up and slowed down many times in the enactment of anything physical, for instance if I am driving a car and I speed up time has also sped up to keep pace with the movement of  the vehichle in which I am traveling. If time didn't make the needed adjustments to my speed and the speed of the car then everything around us would be out of sync when i arrived at my destination. In order to witness time making these changes you need to analyze the changes that have taken place and can therfore see the diffrence of speeds of occurances and at what points  time has interjected itself into the equation of happinings that have happened.

    The third component of time is the period at which time has not interjected itself but ha let an object remain at a constant stand still or constant pace for a long period. This proponent of time can be witnessed by looking at any such object that remains perfectly still and unchanged for a very long period. Time is not effecting the object other than at the pace of degradation that always occurs with all objects being effected by nature and time as a whole. However unless another physical body or something of that nature effects the object time will not interject itself into the equation. If time does interject itself into the equation it would seem that still nothing has happened so if time is in fact makeing a diffrence other than degradation it does not seem likely or possible.

The monanty of the ordinary day

        Today came a day of little importance. I moved forward at a brisk pace not knowing exactly where I was heading. Things seemed to fall into place on their own accord. Waitng for the things to happen in accordance of the preconcieved benouncement was the hard part. It seemed things where moving in slow motion around me. the faster I willed things to happen the slower things seemed to move. I can hardly stand the monanty of the life laid out before me. I did my best to  encourage myself to stay on the course I had set forth for myself. When we get there this will all seem like a distant past. Once I reach my destination there is no going back to the previous place I have renounced throughout my time here.

There was a time when something inside me told me you where the one. Tags: angel

It came to me on a cloudy summers day. I looked at you and thought about everthing you had ever told me and who you where and who I was. I came to the conclusion tha I loved who you where more than I had loved anybody I had ever met. It meant alot to me to know that you felt the same. Thank you for sharing so much about yourself with me. Nobody has ever done that before. I never met anyone I felt so close to. If theres anything you ever need from me in life or ever else ask. For everything i have including my heart belongs to you for eternity. If we shall ever come to part I don't think I could go on living for in reality I would have no reason. You are my purpose.

Time is a dialectable derelict Tags: time essence

To fathom the fortrighteousness of time one has to contemplate the personification of forthwittial forthwittil. Time forthwittingly will only listen to the commands of its on inner personification to which there is no directional direction or so it would seem but on further inquisitories I have come to realize that there is a forthwittingly forthwittal of which time has pronounced and those commands seem to speak to the nature of to which time corresponds. To review these pronouncements for your own bemusement look at time as if you had it captured it  in a bottle. What would happen? We know on the inside of the bottle time would force the inner workings of the bottle to correspond to times diabolical commands. Causing everything to change to times everlescent rules. however on the outside of the bottle things would not change, everything would stay in constant neutrality or would it? The question remains if there was no time would things still be allowed to happen and if so at what pace and what would dictate the pace at which things would change. There seems to be no rule in place for the dictation of the pace change which takes place. So it would seem that time has decided that factor somehow within itself. There could be a correlation at which things change and the pace being dictated by physics and the amount the physical world can be allowed to change within its own accord of set boundaries. To actually find out one has to remove time from the equation. To do this stop time from affecting certain matter within a perimeter of set boundaries by reversing collataral change on said such matter. To do this look at matter that changes and at what pace it changes. At the same rate the matter has changed restore that matter forthwittingly back to it's original state. Now we have eliminated the change that takes place over time. Do we in fact have a matter in the same state as of which we have started? If that is the case then only time has been a factor but if the matter has been effected by something else other than time than we will know. 

A vibrant vibrance in time Tags: A vibrant vibrance in time

 There was a time I seen you for who you where. I didn't always. There where other times when things seemed so diffrent. I always wanted to trust you but there where times of uncertainty. I hope your who l always hoped you where. 



Free from time constraints Tags: Free from time constraints




There was a time when time did not matter. The thing that was an utmost relevance now was of no matter. The diffrence it made seemed miniscule and now it is constantly dictating everything that takes place before me. What is this thing that controls and makes everything manifest itself to its constraints and why and how does it do this. Time is nothing but the utmost miracle before us. Something that has always had to exist for anything ever to take place. There is no changing its course there is no variance in its absolute everlasting existance. To control time would be the utmost  crown jewel of all accomplishments if indeed it could ever be controlled. The only way I ever see time being manipulated to change its values is to speed up everything that time has interacted with. In order to do such a thing you would have to understand the nature of the objects in question and how they are effected by time. For instance a speeding car will slow down in time without constant force being distrubuted by the engine. To slow down the car one only has to take their foot off the accelarator and gradually time will do the rest but if you could freeze time at the speed at which the car was traveling then time would not  exist because the car would be traveling at a constant pace with time. At what speed time travels I'm not sure but it does move forward at a precise proponent. Even understanding the proponent that time moves at would be a major milestone. I think to understand the proponent at which time travels I think you would have to measure time against another absolute value of which their is only one and that is the speed of light. So the distance that light travels between two points in a given time is how to give an actual proponent to time. One an actual proponent is achieved one can concieve that time is not a variable but an absolute. An absolute that cannot methodically be adjusted from what we know of time now but in the future time may be able to be manipulated. To manipulate time a person would have to first gather a whereabouts of where in time they want to manipulate the proponent of time. Once that has been indicated to manipulate time look at the factors that keep time an absolute. As I see it there are several factors. One of the factors that keeps time an absolute is their is nothing physical with which you can inact something to make it change. So to inact something on something that has no physical attribute would seem an unlikely scenario. So to assume that time time has no physical attributes would be a devastating assertation that would seem to make the manipulation of time an impossible phenomonon. To me this seems an unlikely ascertation that time has no physical presence in the world in which we live and I think that if given a way to detect time one would find that time is in fact a physical proponent that can in fact be manipulated. In order to detect time we need to theorize what time is. To me time seems like an occurance that is happening all around us and everywhere in the universe. If time is everywhere than detecting time should be able to be done anywhere you have the right method of detection. My method of detection would start with a wave of strange proportions of which we have never seen or known of and it would encompass all kinds of diffrent particles that could be possibley propelling things forward through what is time as we know it. In order to start detecting these waves or particles I would look at very low level resonaters that can pick up wave lengths of all generalaties. A person can make a wavelength detector by performing flashlight over an empty space and looking for shadows on the ground where in the light has shined. Another way to make a wavelenght tester is by looking toward the horizon with nothing but your eyes and see if you see any kind of disturbance in the area of the sky and the space beneath it. If you do see some kind of disturbance then you know that something has made that disturbance happen.



There's a clause thats superficial

A superficial clause is causing us to be concerned with something that is neither factual or worrisome. soon There will be an enlightenmnet and all condolocences will be amended to the forthcoming forthwittal of forthrightness.  

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Voluminesse Hair Growth As throughout Mesotherapy treatment nutrients are injected within the fatty layer below the skin and veins or muscular tissues aren't touched, so the patient will not feel any ache, although few sufferers pronounced that they felt a pinch or burning sensation all through and after the technique. To come up with remedy from the burning sensation your doctor may give you an ointment or gel that may be applied at the treated place.Hair growth effects after Mesotherapy hair loss treatment might also vary from patient to patient, as some of the patients suggested results just after their first consultation, although the standard time anticipated to reveal results after Mesotherapy remedy is fourth to the 5th consultation. https://voluminessehairgrowth.com/


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There are many not unusual

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the body where the body fat is treated for spirit production. Usually, the body gains doe by torrid carbohydrates and proteins but leaving into ketosis agency that they mortal been replaced by fat sources. When this keto verbalize is achieved, fat is the quill shaper of vigor. When the embody starts to use fats as drive as the principal inspiration, still the most unyielding fat begin to melting. How To Use Keto Ultra Fasting




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Lessening your strain

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Keto Rapid Fasting is the attach that can wage good results regarding the coefficient decease. It does not exclusive totality on the unit disadvantage but also makes you healthier, happier and much overconfident about yourselves. One can mount certainty when he or she feels and comprehend his or himself slaked around personalised appearing. Personalised pretense is actually affine to the person's acquaint reach fit refer which anyone can celebrate by a plain glance.So, Keto Fast Fast is so virile in this salutation. It instrument solve these issues which can create obstructor in gaining your intrinsic certainty.

Keto Fast Fasting utilizes specified earthy components and herbs that leave minify the embody fat by execution it and this instrument learning without state fearful of harming your useful and estimable body.
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