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If you want to understand the true meaning of life you have to look to the story of Judah and Jesus. Judah was a baptist and Jesus was a jew. Jesus looked at Judah and said how about you baptise me. Judah looked at Jesus and said "for what reason?" Jesus replied back "So I can understand you and your customs." Judah baptised Jesus and said "you are now one of us." Jesus said "thank you Judah but you have always been one of my people and always will be." Judah replied "but I'm not a jew" and Jesus replied "you be anybody you wish to be, Judah and remain in the house of the Lord for all your days". and so he did with his people and their people and all people who would do Gods will. Judah wa suprised at Jesus when Jesus said this and he said "why would you want me" and Jesus said "because a friend of my fathers is a friend of mine" and Judah said "but I don't know your Father" and Jesus said "of course you do" and Judah said "but I have never met him and Jesus said you have Judah you just don't remember". "Where can I find him?" asked Judah and Jesus said "he is among us" and Judah looked around and said "which one? and Jesus replied "well all of them for they where all created in the image of my father." "In what way?" asked Judah. "In very very many ways" said Jesus. "I see" said Judah. "So your father looked like us?" "He looked diffrent but he felt the same way as all the people feel." "With love in his heart for each and every person on the earth." "Even the bad? said Judah. "Yes even them" replied Jesus. "Why?" asked Judah. "Because they no not the error of their ways." "Then we shall tell them" said Judah. "and so we shall" replied Jesus and to this day they are trying to instruct. God bless them and their lofty goals to bring peace on earth and good will towards men. For it is with their guidance that we set forth on a journey that nobody on earth really understands but in their eyes their can be no wrong only the people of the Lord to share with us their lives and stories as we travel throughout our own.


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