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I look forward to seeing the possibilities of the ocurance of all there is to see. Many secrets have been kept that will be unearthed. Eventually they wil all be revealed. I listen to the sound of possibilities. A possibility sounds something like a diverse assortment of diffrent things. The noise things make brings me to a place of enjoyment and takes me back to a time when things seemed much more cut and dry. Today things seem much more complicated and confusing.The sounds of things from my childhood can make me feel like things have regressed back to the time of ease of thought and less chaotic beliefs of the world and it's current state. To forget all that I have learned would bring me to a state of simplistic existance but alas my knowledge is permanent and will reamin for all of my days. To forget would bring bliss but also an ignorance of extremeity that could only cause bewilderment. To be bewildered is to be confused or uncertain and this is best to be avoided. If you wish to avoid confusion look for the answers to all that leaves you with a curiosity of appeal and a question of complexity. There is no way you could ever solve all thee agonizing questions that plague your own mind. This alone can bring extreme mental unrest and will cause some people to constantly search for the answers throughout their entire life.

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