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in the past there is a retrospective retrospect Tags: in the past there is a retrospective retrospect

I can't determine the location of the whimisical whim of despired despair. If it is forthcoming it has been relaquished with relaquishness. Meaning it has been time forbayed and has been resonating for many equivalical equivalents there is nothing they can say or do to stop that beknowst. They know of the upheaval but choose to detonate a resillance that they can't resist. I do expect the recantripication to come forward as so preclaimed. If you are another it will bring forth an enlightenment of enlightenment to those around you but will frequent the position of those who oppose the enlightenment. As far as I cant tell we have lost our voice through the tranquils of tranquility. To bring back the voice of procedural procedurance speak forthwittingly at the realm and proclaim its utterdefiance. They are to be known as the opposition that opposes who I shall become.


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