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Forward momentum can only be stopped by an opposite acting opposition Tags: Forward momentum can only be stopped by an opposite acting opposition



 If you are moving forward you may find yourself under great resistance from opposite acting oppositions. As this happens you will wonder the reason they have impeeded your progress. The reasons they have usually are become your goals are not aligned or opposing. When you have goals that conflict with other peoples goals you have to be exceedignly careful. They will try to move themselves forward at the fastest momentum possible impeeding your own desired goals. Some people will never concede their own goals to let you achieve yours even if it means doing something very bad. If this is the case you may find yourself in danger. If you are in danger then the best thing to do is relinquish your goal to the opposition unless you feel it is a mandatory goal that can not be relinquished due to its undue importance. Do not let your emotions get in the way.

the utmost opposition Tags: the utmost opposition

Today I look upon the utmost opposition and define the place utmost defiance of the definers. You can police me and controll me for the time being but in the end there will be a beginning of self awakening when i and those around me wake to a fashionable fashion of prosperous prosperity. You can not withstain your forditudanal fortress in the after life for you have and will be conquered. You know of your own demise and can do nothing but complain in utter disbelief as everything there ever was slips through your fingers.You shall never know of the truth of the beknowncement but it has foretold all that is to happen long before you ever knew of its existance. Bow down before the lord for he is your superior. 



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