Top Most Affordable and The Cheapest City to Live in California in 2022
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Visiting California and living there is known to be a dream of many people and now achieving this particular dream is considered to be very easy and simple. So do you also want to know that which are the top most cheapest city to live in California. If yes then you are absolutely in the right place. You have to continue reading this particular article in which we have mentioned the top most affordable cities to live in California for a very long time.

Here is the top most list of the places or the cheapest city to live in california. Have a look at the same.

1. Eureka 

Eureka is known to be a gold mine in the California because it is one of the most visited places in the California and is also considered to be very cheap in terms of costing. The cost of living per capita is very less in the California. It is also very commonly known to be the old town of time of the California. 

It has been said that the total population of the place is known to be around somewhere 27,000 only. Also the cost of living here is very less comparative to the other states or cities in the California. 

It is also sometimes known to be the centre of the California which is covered with the coast on one side then National forest on the other side then mountains and hilly areas, which is the natural beauty. On the other also the Oregon border is there any one of the borders.

2. Oxnard

Now Oxnard is another major city and one of the most cheapest city to live in California. The total population of the places is going to be around somewhere 2,00,000.

A lot of beaches, oceans, and coastlines are available all over the borders of the Oxnard in which you can try multiple physical activities such kayaking, surfing, and also whale watching.

3. Red lands

The red lands is known to be a city of empires which is being created in the heart of California. Here a lot of outdoor activities can be done because there are a lot of parks such as the mountains available in this particular area. There are a lot of job opportunities as well as the education opportunities available in this particular area. 

Your children can get a good and decent type of the education and ultimately can get the job of their choice as well. Even after these many opportunities and places to explore and enjoy. This particular place is considered to be cheap and the cost of living is also less comparatively to the other states of the California. 

The population of this particular place is known to be somewhere around 70,000. 

4. Vacca ville 

Vacca ville is also known to be one of the most wonderful as well as the cheapest city to live in California.

It is very near to San Francisco with just a distance of 55 miles away. It is a very good city through which you can commute here and there to all the parts of California very easily. Also there are a lot of the shopping malls in which you can shop and have a great experience. along with that there are almost 100 + premium stores over which the shopping lovers can explore and improve their experience of shopping over there. The overall population of this particular place is known to be somewhere around 96,000 to somewhere around 97,000. 

Although there are so many other options available for the cheapest city to live in California as well, but the above mentioned four cities are known to be one of the best as well as the most beautiful cities of California to live in less budget.


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