Top 5 basic computer accessories you must have
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Regardless of whether you work distantly, and your PC kept on an adjustable computer desk is your office, or you utilize your PC for shopping, bill paying, and leisure, these ten accessories are absolute necessities:


1. A Flash Drive


Flash drives are ideal for on-the-go and transfer devices. The size of a thumb, you just fit it into your PC's USB ports and use it to hold pictures, tunes, and archives.


2. A USB Hub With Card Readers


Charge your phone, utilize your tech, and read your SD cards at the same time. USB center points are a great method to let lose your PC's ports and make it conceivable to accomplish more with your framework.


3. A Mouse


If you utilize a PC, a Bluetooth mouse is a basic yet welcome extra. Ideal for causing your PC to feel and capacity more like a PC, a mouse can assist you with completing more in less time.


4. A Wireless Keyboard

Utilize a tablet consistently? Get a Bluetooth keyboard. Present modern models are little, lightweight, thin, and adaptable enough to match with any gadget.


5. A Hard Shell Case

Shield your PC from drops, dings, and gouges with a tough hard-shell case. Made from firm yet adaptable plastic in an assortment of hues and examples, these cases cut onto your PC's casing and remain secure for quite a long time.


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