Murukku making made Easy with SAM Machinery
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Sri Andal Multiproduct (SAM) is the world's best food processing machinery producer, having significant understanding of and control over their end product and thereby being the best murukku machine in tamilnadu. Chakli or Murukku just by hearing the word itself, you get the want to munch one unless you don’t have teeth. Just kidding though.Yes of course, without any doubt, it is the most favourite Indian chai time snack of all age groups. Murukkus can be created using the same dough and a manual press. In today's world where all of us are running in a mechanical lifestyle, none of us has the time or patience to sit for lengthy stretches of time to perfect the art of twisting and twirling, which is the most significant part of the procedure.

The traditional making of a murukku is a tedious process. However, in Tamilnadu, the traditional method of preparing Indian snacks like Murukku and Chakli is no longer followed due to time consumption and hard manual labour and has been replaced by an automatic murukku machine in tamilnadu. A single machine can produce multiple Murukku designs. We design our machineries in such a way that they can be enhanced with the latest advancements in future.



Using modern technology, precision-controlled dough forming machines capable of producing multiple varieties of Murukku are preferred. The success of our company was built on a foundation of hard work and high-quality service. We furthermore make it feasible for small-scale vendors to do business by designing and producing low-cost murukku machines in Tamil Nadu.

We are the pioneers of the food processing industry and the gold standard for all food processing machinery. We have 4 types of Chakli Making machine in tamilnadu to suit your need which is carefully designed with the most advanced cutting-edge technology available in accordance with industry standards. To make the conventional Kai murukku, Sri Andal Multiproduct machineries provides you with the Premium Twister Machine, which was built specifically as the Kai Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu.



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