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We have been practicing abacus classes in Bangalore with various educational games such as puzzles and fun games. We also make use of our educational videos to teach the students in an effective way. Our video link https://youtu.be/BIcqr-qEGz4 We also offer unique abacus books for our kids, which is prepared by our efficient professionals.
For Vedic maths training Bangalore we offer a best syllabus with worksheets. Our study materials provide the detailed knowledge in both abacus and Vedic maths. We give daily practice sheets to practice at home. We also upload our classes in web which helps the parents to train their kids at home.
Different work books are given for different levels. We give special care and attention to students in each level to equip them with innovative skills. A separate guide is given for parents to support their children at home. We also encourage kids to perform a demo in front of parents in every weekend classes to overcome their stage fear.
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