Hoverboards have an update. Don’t miss them!
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Hoverboards. A name everyone must have heard once in a while in their lifetime. It was a thing of a dream. To be able to float, doesn't that sound mesmerizing? This feeling can still be gauged by us when we slid down a mountain.


It is usually skiing but people also use proper boards which are also similar to hoverboards in a large range. But not everyone is privy to experience snow due to multiple reasons such as financial issues, geographical conditions, etc.


So how can people experience the same feeling and adventure? Well, onewheel canada has made it possible and they have done a commendable job in doing so.


They have introduced a ride called the single-wheel hoverboard or pint hoverboard. They are similar to the hoverboard concept that we all have seen and are habitual to.


Following the same design update, the hoverboards by the onewheel are electrically powered. The mind-boggling part is the introduction of a wheel in the design!


Yes, these hoverboards have a wheel installed right in the middle of the hoverboard that helps out in balancing the board and provide the rider with a feeling of floating in the air.


The motorized part not only helps in acquiring balance but also acts as an upgrade to the original design. Due to electric power, we can use the hoverboard at a greater speed and for a longer distance without getting tired.


This is the future that we all are heading towards. And if this is the way then the journey is going to be amazing!


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