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For situations where the saphenous http://Grs ultra veins are very large, the Los Angeles phlebologist says: "despite the fact that the endovenous catheters are thin, it is possible to treat veins as large as 16 mm, because the epinephrine added into the tumescent anesthesia provides improved constriction of the vein around the heat-generating tip of the catheter, while also prolonging the analgesic effect of Lidocaine for up to 6 to 8 hours post-procedure."

The doctor adds, "even significantly tortuous (curved) veins can be treated with the endovenous technique. In such cases where the catheter tip cannot be advanced through the entire length of the vein, a second catheter entry point may be used to bypass a curved part. The existence of blood clots in the veins is the only absolute contraindication to both EVLT and the VNUS closure and require surgical intervention."





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