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With its high-quality goods and prompt services, our enterprise SS Vermi meets a growing need in the agriculture market among the vermicompost manufacturers. Furthermore, the firm has been praised for providing professional agricultural consultancy and analysis.We are the Best Vermicompost in chennai, as well as a well-known fertilizer producer, supplier, and exporter.

We take great pride that we are a leading group of Vermicompost manufacturers in Tamilnadu that is specialised in organic manures which uses modern technology to produce the finest grade of vermicompost in Tamilnadu. Our expertise is in creating, distributing, selling, and exporting Organic Vermicompost of the highest quality. We also deal with Vermicompost manure, Panchakavya, Organic Pesticides, Bio Inputs, Soil Conditioners, Humic Acid, and Micronutrient Fertilizers, among other things. The fertilizers are ideal for boosting soil health, increasing agricultural yields, and making plants healthier while reducing the use of chemical fertilizers in an ecologically friendly manner. The three primary components of our vermicompost are phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen, which help as plant feeds. Calcium and Magnesium are two other macronutrients that are utilised in conjunction with optimum pH levels.


For our high-quality goods and competent services in the industry, our firm is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we are also a recognized member of the National Small Industries Corporation. When it comes to giving the greatest quality, we are the top Vermicompost manufacturers in Tamilnadu, exclusively appreciated for our unbeatable quality that improves soil fertility. Manufacturing the best Vermicompost in Madurai and to make its usage wide for all types of agriculture and horticultural crops is quiet challenging. Not only that, but also when it comes to obtaining dung manure, cleanliness and hygiene are our main priorities. Our vermicompost are made accessible with the promise of the highest quality and standards in fertilizer management.


We guarantee that we will supply large quantities of our products as requested by clients within the specified time period. Vermicompost has become a popular component of agri-business models across the country with a small initial investment, and we are the leading Vermicompost Suppliers.


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S.S Vermicompost Industries

NH7, Bye Pass Road, Pandiarajapuram,
Vadipatti Taluk, Madurai - 625 218,
Tamilnadu, South India.
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