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Before going through how much does a real estate agent make, we must first understand real estate. Real estate is a property that is real or is registered under the norms of the government for further sale and purchase. A real estate property can be a piece of land, a private road, a building, a house, and other forms. Purchasing such properties or land is mainly for investment and home building. However, there can be many more reasons for purchasing such buildings and properties, such as opening a new business, which comes under commercial purposes for purchasing properties. Then there might be the purpose of some industrial use of the piece of land or building considered industrial purposes. Sometimes, searching for the perfect property for the investors can be hectic, so to ease their tension, real estate agents exist. 

Who are Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are, more commonly known as Real estate brokers or property dealers, are the ones who deal with purchasing and selling different properties and buildings while representing their clients who are interested in buying and selling properties. They list most properties they operate and know about their owners. When an interested buyer or investor comes to them, they show them the property and make the buyers and sellers meet for the final pricing of the property. They have a pre-decided commission rate from the purchase or sale amount of the real estate. When the buyer pays their side of the amount to the seller, the real estate agents get their commission, and their work ends. Some agents or brokers also get involved in the construction of properties to reduce the workload of the owners. So, overall, the real estate agents work as brokers between the selling and purchasing parties and get their commission when the deal is completed. 

How much does a Real Estate Agent earn? 

Real estate agents have their fixed commission rate in the dealings between the buyer and the seller. But how much they can earn is still unclear. Now getting to the main topic, How much does a real estate agent earn? The answer to your query is explained thoroughly as follows.

The earnings of a real estate agent depend on the area where he is operating, the number of customers, property type, and property rates. However, the commission rate does not vary that much all over the country. The real estate community fixes the commission rate, and there is no restriction on reducing the commission rate. On average, a Real Estate Agent can make anywhere between ₹40,000 to ₹1,00,000 and above per month. The earnings can vary depending upon the monthly dealings and the types of property sold. One can earn anywhere around ₹20,000 to 30,000 in a minimum deal. If the real estate agents get more than one dealing, then the earnings may also increase with the dealings because of their fixed commission rate in every deal they make. The job of a real estate agent can include many rides and travel, and it can be hectic sometimes, but the price that they get for their work is always satisfying and reasonable.


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