Funny Thing

Heres the funny thing about funny things. I had a funny thing that was funny. It was with a girl that didn't know me. I didn't know her she didn't know me and some people would say thats kind of funny. But the funny part was the break up. I had to call her and say hi this is somebody so and so and we're through. She cried real hard it was really rough. the moral of the story is don't try to break up with a girl who doesn't know you. She'll want to meet. However if you do have to do this better not to meet just do it over the phone. Trust me. Been through it so many times that I ought to know. I loved a lot of girls I never met and I'm sure they all love me. Most of the girls where on tv and when ever they would see me they would smile. Not just your everyday smile that you would get from a girl off the street but a big happy smile that you would only get from a girl on tv..

Now everyday when I think of myself I have to laugh just a little because I'm funny and I don't mean funny funny I mean funny cool and its so funny how much cooler I am than you. Don't try to ease your coolness to my coolness level cause a fellow I know tried to be as cool as me once and he actually ended up a big block of ice. When he thawed he admitted that its totally true he said Matt I could never ever be as cool as you dude. And I agreed him cool as me good luck he actually froze and thats gotta suck.

Now I'm a fun guy and to be totally true I'm a much funner guy than you. even the cool of me's fun and I know that its true you can't ever be funner than the cool of me too. Go head and try you'd probably die and you have a better chance of rounding off pie.

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