Consult A Best Lady Doctor In Tirunelveli For PCOD Problems
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Nowadays polycystic ovary syndrome is a very common problem affecting many women. Women in the age group of 15 to 45 yrs are getting affected. It is caused due to the hormone imbalance in the body which affects women's menstrual cycle results in an irregular period. This decreases the chances of pregnancy.  Women can get pregnant only if they have a proper menstrual cycle with the correct ovulation period.



The causes of pcod include excess insulin production, genetics, the increase in the secretion of male hormones. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle lead to this pcod problem. The symptoms include infertility, irregular periods, heaving bleeding, excessive weight gain, abnormal facial hair growth.  These symptoms must be monitored and treated quickly. If left untreated it causes many uterine problems with difficulty in conceiving a baby.

 If you found a pcod problem, then immediately contact a Best Lady Doctor In Tirunelveli and get a complete health checkup. The doctor will perform a physical examination such as a blood test, ultrasound to detect a problem.  Also, have a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise to cure pcod problem.


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