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Feb 14th 2015

Non-party organizations with a socialist leading pas about by the summer of nineteen seventy they won't soviet power but if you’ve got it all cars and look at those mandates given to the delegates John to the second so the congress they do not say they want Bolsheviks in power they should you want Soviets in poll and they want all the Socialist Party's represented in the soviet to be empower is not a vote for the Bolsheviks thebolsheviks did well in the city dreamer elections mid-September but doesn't soviet election Promax Pump  all the soviet mandates coming in to the capital and brought by delegates to the seconds the congress say yes we want a transitional power to the soviets not clear for which party and in so fares a any clarification it is for a socialist coalition most of the Bolsheviks in fact virtually we love the Bolsheviks except lady O’Leary yes you read my book but got.

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