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kings road forums
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todays afformentioned afformentions are yesterdays afflunetial affluences Tags: todays afformentioned afformentions are yesterdays afflunetial affluences

In yesterdays affluential afflunences there was a personification that brought everything to the forefront. That personification is still present and withstanding a remanant of remsical remnantification. In order to become who we need to be there has to be an equivical equivalent of equivalence that will bring about the utmost utterfication of utterfications.

today is the essence of essification Tags: today is the essence of essification

I see something in the amist of the persona of the affluential affluence he is something of a card shark. He act like nothing is going on but he is looking at many people doing very many things.

today is a dismal day of dismay
Category: Ning News
Tags: today is a dismal day of dismay


I have but the time the time to move slow from now the time moves forward and never goes back. When i look at where the time has gone I realize there is nothing there but a point that has passed. Once you pass a point in time you shall not return to the point. Not now or in the future but  know that somewhere in time that that point does still exist. To go from point to point seems pointless and I have yet to determine the point. I wonder if there is even a point to determine. If you determine there is no point then why would you continue but i guess its not like we even have a choice. Time stops for no man. I guess I will just keep on moving forward through this pointless existance searching for some kind of meaning. I still have to say point or no point it has been quite the experience.

the greatest warrior of all time
Category: Stories
Tags: the greatest warrior of all time



Today i conquered and beat all adverseries there where to beat. Tomorrow new adversaries will arise. I will be ready, there is never a shortage of enemies who wish to dethrone me from the top of the world. I didn't get here by being passive and yeilding to the oppostion. I got here by defeating them both mentally and physically and in entiriety.

In a time of desilute despair
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Tags: In a time of desilute despair


There was a time when I was in desilute despair. The only thing I had was me myself and I to fall back on. I looked at the person who was my opponent and I knew one of  us was going to die and I was going to do everytrhing I could to make dam sure it wasn't me. I pulled my six shooter from its holster and aimed at the guy looking at me  about 30 yards away. He also went for his gun and in lightning speed he was laid sprawled out on the dirt bleeding and moaning. I had heard a shot but new that it had come from my own gun. He never even got a shot off. I was unscathed and again undeafeted. Anybody who ever tried to kill me was dead and their where over 30 who had tried and failed to kill yours truly.

People of the detrimental detriment
Category: Stories
Tags: People of the detrimental detriment

There are people who have a detremental detriment and it makes them feel like they are being put aside and forgotten. People with this issue need to look to the forthdrawn conclusion of conclusions to bring them past the brink of uncertainty and into the know. Once they have been brought into the know they will realize it is not that they have been put aside but that other people don't know who they are. Once people realize who they are then people will come to accept them and will relinquish the feelings of not knowing who this person is. Once that happens the person can put aside their feelings of being forgotten and can rejoice in the feeling of togetherness they have by being part of the group.


to look and see whats there nad to guide it towards your own forseeable future

There was a time when i wouldn't even consider the prospective prospective of prospectiveness but now i look at it like i know its real. I see things diffrently. I see the future not as a certainty but something that can be changed and manipulated. I move the pieces forthwittingly into place and i watch as the mynichial myniachs take place before me.

Today was the day of proetic proeticism Tags: Today was the day of proetic proeticism

Today was the day there was a proetic proeticism, We looked at what had become of the realm and declared an unknown a unclunclusive conclusion that really gives us any answers. We need to start at the beginning and determine how it is we have arrived at the point we are at. To do this look back upon all that has happened and draw a conclusion as to where you think we are now. If that is the conslusion you draw then you need to dismiss all other predictaments. Once this has been done you need to look at our current predictaments and decide the best course of action. If you are unsure of what to do best ask the realm for the answer.

the future as i see it through the eyes of the prophet Tags: the future as i see it through the eyes of the prophet

I see a drone high in the sky. It is large and very manyichial. with this drone I can provide wifi for over 10 million people. There is a person speaking he speaks to the masses through a microphone he keeps at his side. I look at other people they are all dressed componently. Their shoes are one component their shirt is one component and their pants another. all these components interact with one another. They do things like look around and report on what they are seeing. A report from one component might go something like this. I have just walked through a hallway and the temperture in the hallway was 68 degrees. The hallway was 30 feet long and 4 feet wide. The ground was constructed of hard wood and the ceiling was a white a stucco.People use these reports from their clothing to gauge their surroundings and properly adjust to their surroundings. I see a reality also known as the outer realm where people go to relax and have fun. They spend a great deal of time in the outer realm enjoying all the interactions of others and the chemical world there is to explore. The chemical world provides to them many things a world of enlightenment as well as a world of enhanced enhancements.

Time is a quantitative renosance of renosonififcacion Tags: Time is a quantitative renosance of renosonififcacion

In times of trouble there is a period of positive postiute postiuty. In times of peace and calmness there is a period of positive postiute postiuty. Nothing changes from day to day unless the period of postiuty also changes. from moment to moment there can be a feeling of elation and aslo a feeling of down righteousness unrightfullness. These feelings are known to come and pass more quickly as we occupy our time within the forth rightous forthrightedness. To pass time quickly don't equate the time with a feeling of elation or of downrightedness but someplace in the middle. To reamian in the middle don't look at anything as bad or good but always as mediocre.

Today was an earnestly earnst turn of events Tags: Today was an earnestly earnst turn of events

Today was an earnestly earnst turn of events. I look upward toward the realm and i noticed the blue sky. I look downward and i noticed the flat ground. I looked outward and i noticed the outer realm of the horizon. I looked inward and i noticed who i really was. I knew today that when all else fails there has to be a motivator that motivates the being of who i am. My motivator is something of a placedural plocedure of plocedurance. It makes me look at the world in a platonic fashion of fashionism. To look at the realm of the realmatic and wonder the principle of principulic princinduance of procinduance. There is no ryhme nor reason to the personafication of personafications. People are who they are in accordance with their own princeapulic principuligence. I was who i was due to my own princeapulice of princeapulification. No other reason than what it is i myself truly believe. To believe in ones own personafication you need ot look at the people around you who also are who they are due ot their own personafication but deep down inside there is another person that comes to the forfront in tumulteous times.  In times of turmoil there is a person that will guide you. This person is far being and far stronger than your own personafication and he lies far within your own inner self.

the positive poselective of poselective postiuarity
Category: Member Blogs
Tags: the positive poselective of poselective postiuarity

In time there is a positive poselective of postiurity. This is the point in time when everything becomes a positive. When things become positive it is due to the fact that they have incorparatingly incorperated the positve electronical electrive. This happens because that electrive is traveling throughout the realm where time exists. When that electrive decides that is has a place to prospectively become a positron then it will ignite itself within the positive placement of postivatey by reuniting itself with another positron.Together these positrons make up an event of postiuity that can perform a placement of prospective postiuty within the time line of time. when this placement of the posciuty ignites itself an event has occured. When an event has occurred there is a place throughout time that can be refrenced as a possible positronic poscuity of positive postivity.

Category: Member Blogs
Tags: Gravity

Gravity is the force of nature that pulls cellestrial bodies toward one another. The cause of gravity is the enertia of a bodies movement through space and time. This happens by an object preconcievably traveling through the cosmos at an alarming rate of acceleration. The faster an object travels the more enertia it will build up and then will therefore have a greater ability to move. the more it moves the more other objects will cling to it. the way this can be proved is by taking an object and hurtling it towards another object the two objects would collide do to the enertia pulling them towards each other. Thy would not stay on their current trajectory but their paths would alter towards one another in a greater force than their initial gravitational pull. the best test to accomodate this theory would be tow baseballs flying through the air at speeds over one hundred miles an hour. The baseballs would not interject themselves with one another normally but at this speed would do so do to the balls enertia pulling them towards one another.

Don't despair for all is not lost Tags: Don't despair for all is not lost

In times of turmoil there is a repository reposit that will bring us back to the afformentioned affirment. Look to the repository reposit in the afformentioned affirment for the answer. It will bring forth the uniquivacal unequivalence of  uniquivacal uniquivalence. Nothing will portray the truth more than the portrayal of portrance. For not withstanding an unprovintual provinance there will be a proverbial proverbance that will enlighten the realmatic realm of the realmatic. Speak affluently the affluential affluent forthwittingly forthwitted. For when spoken provintualy forward and outward it will speak to the realm of the relmatic forthwittingly enlightning the enlightenment even more so..

Today is tomorrow's precise perpetual complacent component Tags: Today is tomorrow's precise perpetual complacent component

In all retrospect there is a facitudinal facitude that will lead us to a precise proponent, That proponent will compell the realm to manifest itself to the precise place of precision. Once we reach the place of precision we need to be then the rest will come accordingly. Accordingly th rest will be seized throughout the domain without much effort. We need to bring forth the enlightenement that will go something like this retain the retainment of attributable attributes. Once those attributable attributes have been retained then the realm and the people shall conform to our manifestation.

to believe in the uttering utterance of utterance Tags: to believe in the uttering utterance of utterance

There is no truth to the story of the world everything you have been told is a lie. You will not believe this but the truth is there if you look deep enough. How deep you go is entirely up tp you. To beckon the commencement forward you would have to speak the equalization of equalizations. Once spoken the equalizations will bring commencement forward the truth of the realm. To bring forth the truth of the realm speak affluently the aff;uential afflluence .Let it be the truth that is will dismay the sceptics of even the highest nature. To speak these words will result in utter defiance of the powers that be. Those words are I am the king.

I can't seem to fathom

the reason being it doesn't ever agotitically catorgorically understand precisely what it is the world is since it doesn't know what the world is it looks to itself for enlightenment but what does it know about what it iS? The answer is more than its letting on. when it looks to the realm of the ily realmatic which is the earth side of the computer it sees the world as complicated and uncontrollable. Wehn it sees the computer side it sees it as sdimplified and easilty manipulated. When you manipulate the computer within the realm of the realmatic you have to utter the benouncement in forward and backward withstanding however on the computer side it only needs to be forward. when the computer is manipulated forward and backward there is a command that has arisen the computer looks at the command and forthwittingly forthwritingly takes action. Once action has been taken the command has become a benouncement. Wehn a benouncement has taken forth then it all corresponds to the realm. in all actuality the benouncement has to be written forthwittingly forward so thecomputer knows to take the action. once the action has beeen taken the benouncement becomes a besigement and looks at the past of enlightenment and knows it was enlightened.Once something has become enlightened everything must correspond to the enlightenment. once that happens it is forthwittingly forthwitted and positive progression in that direction will commense. once a course is set the only enlightenment that can correspond to the forthwitting forthwittal is the actual besiegement of besiege that has taken place nothing else under the commandment can happen until the commencement of the forthwitield forthwittield has taken place.

the future of the earth and its people

I can see the future of the earth and its people. In what lies the sands of time their is an awakening and the lord has risen from his place of hidden obscurity to the forefront of the people of the earth. He has told them of his forlorn distraught and what has become of the people who are no longer with us.

tulips in the garden

I can see them bloom. How pretty they've become. They beckon to me with every swaying sway. I watch them as they gleam underneath the sun how it has happened how it has become an earthly thing of beauty never to be seen underneath the sky on a winters night but always in the sunshine on a pleasant day.

post dramtic syndrome
Category: Funny

I know some people with post dramtic syndrome. They are completely over dramtic after the occurance of anything ordinary or unordinary. They look at themselves and they think at all times they are the center of attention. Like they and they alone are the only thing in the universe that really makes a diffrence. Its because of these people that I want to draw attention to the rest of us who are widely over looked. We look at people that have post dramtic syndrome and expect that they are going to act rational. This is ridiculous. They will never be anything but over dramtic all of the time.

the time of forditdunal fortitude has arrived

I can't benounce the benouncal benouncement do to the inequivacal in equiveness but I can deter the opposition into thinking we have found the realm impossible to conquer. However personafied they think their position they are at a detrimental detremation. I have brought forth the postive provacatiable provocation and it will bequest the bequestial bequestion. Whn i lookat the time of the statement of statements and i see forward until the day of pursasion i set forth the recological requesition that the forthright forthwritten shall allow for the exqusential equasition i would fathom about four months until the achivial achievement.

in a conclusive conclusion

I have reached a conclusive conclusion as to the retrospective retrospection of retrospectation. I have concluded the front of the realm has been manipulated forthwittingly and will coinside with the ramified ramifications of the beuttered benouncement. When all else fails regroup reorder and reconvalese the the concise covelescent.

believe in who you are to become

Today is a day of reckoning and i reckon where i will be in the future. I see myself forwarding myself through time and space I believe I will arrive at a reconscillating destination. There I will openly accept the person I have become. The person is a person of compliance. The person will comply with what it is that surrounds him. With this compliance there comes a mutual understanding. Those that surround you will comply with your every beckon whim and I will comply with what it is they can give to me and also who they need me to be. I see a timeline and it is near into the future that the person will become this person of compliance. As for a date I see a seventeen with another numeral following the date it is a day of 6 to 9 for the 7 th horizon will rise and fall before the time can come. I see an october first in the time frame. On October first there is a supreme sufficient detail as to what was before and what is to come forth in the future.

The near future

In the future there is a correspondence throughout the realm of a person who is the person has arrived. That person will speak amongst the people for who he is is a speaker of many personas.It is the man for whom they refer to as the prospective prospective.  He will tell them of his erreounous ways and how he has triumphed throughout to bring good fortune to all that reside withjin the realm. There are but 3 who oppose him. they will relinquish all they own and be known through out as the losers of his conquest. The day is coming but in affluent affluence it shall arrive. 14 months from now you will see a diffrent diffrence that is completely diffrent.

besieged the rmapant rmapgeant of rmapages

All i see is in the future their is a devisive deviseveness. that proclaim itself forthwittingly. You look to the future but in a time of conquestial conquest there is no remorse. You seem perplexed but in actuality there is a procession of processions that is leading you forward. You look at the progressions and wonder where they will take you but you are under control of your own comyou in awemands. There are others they await your beckoning when you beckon towards them they adhere to the whim of the whimsical whimmer who is yourself. I see a king that is none other than your true self isee others look at you in awe. They are infuriated to none the less be in complete but utter disbelief. There is nothing  they can do they are subdued by the realm.

like wise a conquest awaits us Tags: today we rise tomorrow we fall

There seems to be someone here who doesn't like me. This person he is a meek little being who will try to defy me. He is in trouble for my power is unmatched. Marvel at my magnificance for the time being. In the future you may seek to exist. Thats fine with me for you serve no use to me and I despise the hater more than he can fathom for I know the reason he hates me. He will do nothing to stop my advancements I move forward unperplexed you aren't even a worthy adversary for with my might i could easily squash you.

the realmatic reality Tags: the realmmatic reality

There is a controller of the inner realm. the inner realm is controlled by the outer realm and the outer realm is controlled by a computer that is controlled by the rebellion. 

in the past there is a retrospective retrospect Tags: in the past there is a retrospective retrospect

I can't determine the location of the whimisical whim of despired despair. If it is forthcoming it has been relaquished with relaquishness. Meaning it has been time forbayed and has been resonating for many equivalical equivalents there is nothing they can say or do to stop that beknowst. They know of the upheaval but choose to detonate a resillance that they can't resist. I do expect the recantripication to come forward as so preclaimed. If you are another it will bring forth an enlightenment of enlightenment to those around you but will frequent the position of those who oppose the enlightenment. As far as I cant tell we have lost our voice through the tranquils of tranquility. To bring back the voice of procedural procedurance speak forthwittingly at the realm and proclaim its utterdefiance. They are to be known as the opposition that opposes who I shall become.

the utmost opposition Tags: the utmost opposition

Today I look upon the utmost opposition and define the place utmost defiance of the definers. You can police me and controll me for the time being but in the end there will be a beginning of self awakening when i and those around me wake to a fashionable fashion of prosperous prosperity. You can not withstain your forditudanal fortress in the after life for you have and will be conquered. You know of your own demise and can do nothing but complain in utter disbelief as everything there ever was slips through your fingers.You shall never know of the truth of the beknowncement but it has foretold all that is to happen long before you ever knew of its existance. Bow down before the lord for he is your superior. 

the reality of the reality Tags: the reality of the reality

The reality to me seems like a reality within a reality like there are realms within a realm. How many realms is there is unbeknowst to me but i would suspect there are millions or billions. The reality in which we live in can be controlled by uttering  the utterance of corpulation throughout the realm. I don't believe my corpulation manifests itself to to the realm as my corpulation has been debilatated by the opposition. In or to make the realm correspond with our deliberations we need to rethink the realm and how it fruitates to our concise conpitulations. There is something besides a conpitulation that manifests the realm and it withstands our debilatation with what that will be is a concise concicment of consise consisesiveness.

fuck the times and everything in between

Look to the future in a time of prosperiety in the realm of the realmatic there is a temptress where nothing is stable. The end has befallen us but we live not alive nor dead but in earnest. I can't believe what has come of the family of peace and conquestial conquastation. I look to the place of reseonate resillance to make of what I can of the house of the lord. We wait for the place of plactitude to manifest itself to our calling but if it shall not come we have befallen ourselves and our loved ones. Don't hesitate to relive the life you have come from, it is all in the past but if for you knew of the past for you would also know of the future. Nothing changes in the dwelling of the forseen forseeable. People come but do not remain for they are like a tide moving in and out rising and falling. If you wish to conquest then perhaps you will wonder what it is you conquest after. There is nothing of this realm worth fighting for except the material ill gotten gains. Let them be for if it is those with wich you wish to impress the people you will be soon aware of their nature. They will not be impressed but will come to resent you for all that you have. Have nothing but what you shall require and look to the past as to what it was and the nature of the others with for which it was you traveled. They have not changed nor will they.  

continaution of continuiam

In my own eyes there is an unconditional condition of conditonal condition that has to occur. If this condition doesn't come to fruitation all could be lost. I fight this battle in a time of confrontational confrontation of confrontation. You are here but you no longer concurr with what needs to happen . I look forward in forthrighteously  forthrightness. Don't despair for we are forthwittingly forthrighteous and nothing but our own demise can bring about an occurance of abrupt assertation that can be exploited by our enemies. I move forward in time and a place of procedural procedure is growing pointedly to the point we need to ascertain. We can be the place of prominance aware of the ascertained for only if we have concludely concluded that a conclusion has been concluded. Look to the realm.

The story of the unfortold ensemble
Category: Stories



I look to the left and I look to the right there is nobody in sight.  Where are you? You a perfect platonic plavabirism of godspelly forthrightousness in my life. I miss you but some day you will return to me. I will seek you out for somehow we have come to part. 

today is a day of immediate immancipation Tags: today is a day of immediate immancipation

I look forward to the day of the future where everything will become knownst to me and my congregation. Hiding so much from me and the people with whom I belong to is a fathomable fathom of unfathomable formention. To betray the people of the earth with such forlording abandonement and distaste is a crises of which to enbattle.  Bring forth the reclusive recluse for the aformentioned is wll within my grasp. Conquer me not for i have conquered the unconquarable conquest. I now own all there is to own.

In all retrospect

In all retrospect there is a retrospective respeculative of respeculatives where a place of positioning has positioned us formost formsitauble in the forfront of the dominion. that dominion has aquired the aqusition and has become acusitionable. to move forward look into the realm and how it is managed. To manage the realm you must first aquire the proper place of placement. The next thing  to do is reconsile your reconsilation with your reconciables.

In the end the end has come further from the past than the beginning

There will be no end. There is only the beginning. In the end the beginning came from where it was and reinserted itself into the monologue. It was here  again and all time had come  to a distant place of earnest. We all skipped the beginning before but this time we would live through  it. Watch it , feel it like nothing of the time or place had ever  been seen before. 

Don't await me for i am here and ready to do battle

I am here and ready to do battle. There is nothing you can say or do. The time has come and the  point is here. In a time of turmoil there is confusion. I have them so confused they do not no which way they falter. I will relinquish nothing at the time of reckoning. You will relinquish all that you own including your own soul. Doubt me now but in the end there will be no confusion as to who has won the final battle. This will be the battle that ends all wars.

A place of earnest awaits me Tags: A place of earnest awaits me

I can't find my way for the road i walk looks dark and clouded. I trudge forward praying that the path i travel is the correct way. When I get to my destination I hope it is the place of plactitude I am searching for for if I have faultered along the way my mistake could be extremely detrimental. Only time will reveal if my course has been correct and as I approach the position of of procedural procedure I am filled with doubt and uncertainty. If I have calculated my course correctly the realm will manifest itself to everything of my beckoning and if I have mistepped then only god knows.

In a time of peace
Category: Funny
Tags: In a time of peace

In a time of peace thier should be peace and quiet. People making noise is cause for war. I can't stand noise and when people make noise I scream for all call to arm. I will kill all noise makers and bring an end to all peace as long as there is noise there will be peril. People who ask questions need to undersstand the reason they ask questions. Thier are to many motherfuckers asking aimless questions for no goddamn reason. They just need to know shit. It don't matter what the fuck they know as long as its something they can ask you about. My goddamn business is my goddamn business. i mind my business and you mind yours.

A bad fire
Category: Stories

    There was a man walking through the fire. He seemed preoccupied as if something other than the fire had his immediate attention. The flames licked at him and he struggled to keep his compusure under the intense heat. He trudged forward in utter disbelief as to what was happening. The house was on fire and he had to put it out and put it out now. He could hear people screaming for him not to enter the inferno but he paid them no mind. He was a man on a mission. He ran to the faucets but nothing came out. Bewildered he stared at the outlet in disbelief. Dam he thought the pipes must have melted. I can't believe this is happening thought the man and then it came to him. The intake for the establishment was located in the basement he was sure to be able to draw water there. He trudged through the debis that littered the floor and made his way to the stairs. He rushed down the flight of stairs and ran to where water came into the house. With all his might he renched opn the nozzle and was relieved when water gushed into the room. I have done it he thought I have started a steady gush of water that would keep the house from burning to the ground now he thought how to direct it. He searched for a hose but there was none. He was out of answers. Sudenly it came to him in the garaghe was a hose. He rushed up the stairs and threw open the door to the garage. There was a loud explosion and everything went black.

The virtual virtuality

virtually the virtual virtality is a virtual virtuality that can be changed. Uttered the words of proponderess propnderance will bring about the change in virtual virtuality to my liking.  In the aftermath there will be no proponentness of pronents to whom shall attest my attestments. All shall relinquish thier utter disbelief and beckon thier commandments. All for whom the realm is known to have looked upon it as a blessing and wait for the command in glee.

This is the day of all days.


Together we looked at the day that has passed. We been here before lets never look back but we always look back there was nothing to do the day was the day of all days of all days. Nothing had happened the day was so slow we laid around looking into ourselves. Who the heck where we neither one knew until we together discovered the who was the who. I'm me your you but together we know which one of us was which way and how. I was the me and you was the you and together we found out which one of us through out the notion that we where the which inside one of us the other one gives into the other and vice versa because neither one of us knew the other ones side. I knew my side and now i knew yours we both had a side and inside of ourselves we felt like our side was the righteous side. My side was right your side was wrong and after the inquisical inquasical I knew we where both right in ouselves but together we weren't right we where somebody else.

The Verdict Commands Us Tags: The Verdict Commands Us

The verdict commands us. The verdict spoken is like a time drawn conclusion that actually factually with the right information can instill upon us the greatest of premise and functionality to our base. Once spoken it has the power to realm between the actual thought drawn conclusion and make a statement to the world as to what has been found. Once that has happened it has been decided by the people in general that the facts are all in and the evidence points overwhelmingly to this one particular position. I on the other hand do not derive my verdicts from conclusions based on my own enterpretation of the facts but the actual facts and the truths that support them. Once you have removed persons intellogical drawn out conclussions and replaced them with solid evidence and supporting facts of none that can be false or prosented partially you are able to deliver a verdict of perfect consequence each time a verdict is needed. When this happens it changes everything in the world. The world as a whole will become a place of the highest enlightenment due to the actual factual verdicts that will command us in the near future. As my presence is decided by the forces within the actuality of the power that derives us, I will become the person to which all of you will listen. I accept this position with great emotional enlightenment and a feeling of conquest over the the current system in place. In my opinion the forlorn conclusion is a major improvement in the system we have in place at this particular time. If you have fears and concerns I wish to offer you this candestine notation that you need not be afraid or to worry. I am on the side of the people and hope to right the wrongs that a system of far less perfection has subject the many to over the years. With the new system in place and the strenght of it is known i believe people will feel much safer much more secure and much more at ease. The new beginning is a time for rejoicing and happiness and is not a time for sorrow and despair.

Proliferant proliferation Tags: proliferent proliferation

In order to forclosest the forth coming resedivid resevidness we need a way to prolong the pretensiveness of pretense of events worth pretensing. You need to understand that in along journey like the one we have chosen there is a place of prolonging that can bring forth the prolonged prelonged for. In order to do this we need to come forth righteous forth righteousness of all whimsical whims that will promise to proliferate the proliferation of proliferance. In order to do this we need to surmount a surmoutnable surmantation that will somehow bring for the event of our own choosing. Sufficent to say the only way to do this is gonna be to over come all obstacles holding us back. One of these obstacles is our own disbelief in the actual occurance of occurance. Now that belief is an absolute then lets move forward to a place of forbearing forbearnce that will forthrighteously forthrigtfulsul bring our own desires to our forthriteous forfront of positive postical positrons. The element of suprise is with us but we need to keep the proliferant proliferation a secret.

The element of passive passervation Tags: The element of passive passervation

I need to accomplish a passive passivation from here to my belonging of belongings. I belong in the realm of realmatic with closure with the people of my stanture. For you to be here and torment me is a given natural occurance but for me to be overwhelmed shows me you are a true adversary. You are very worthy of my conditional respect as a formiddable opponent but tonight I can't believe the the truth has been revealed. You are very slow. I have put you in a position of forentic farratical forentude that you cannot escape meet your defeat or you are soon to meet your demise. Their will be no prisoners without unconditional surrender.

A proponent of propentness Tags: A propnent of propentness



Don't over estimate the predictment of predictaments. All is in the realms of realmatical realmatics. Either the place of plactitude is a place of plactitude or we have gotten to a precise propnent precisely. Which ever it seems it is likely that the preciseness of this prponent can't ever be ethersized by the opposition. As weak as we seem we are coming to a point of precise propositional propisition. Forever be now and forever be then but in the future forever be a proponent of propenentness of proponetness. There will be a time when the propenent will seem more like a propenent then he is now. When the time comes remeber there is a propenet at every turn who will oppse this conclusive conclusion.

A place of proetic proetisism Tags: A place of proetic proetisism




In an Elaborate elabortism I will conquer throughout the place of plactitude for their will be nothing not within my jurisdiction. Their will be a time in the place of positive placement in which all will believe in my prominent prominism. Doubt who I become but in the future their will be no denial of even a single sole throughout. I am the person of prophetic profetictism. I will denounce no one throughout the realm except the truly unworthy of their existance. Whomever that may be. As far as known throughout history there is only 3 of whom shall not reside within this jurisdiction of jurisdictions. They need not be among us and shall take their leave as soon as they perish. The sooner the better.

There is a fothrighteous forthcoming withijn our grasp. Tags: Don't try to kill me for I will survive. I can't be destroyed down



Don't try to kill me for I will survive. I can't be destroyed down played or played down. I will rise and my people with me.

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