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The Ideal Date

The date shouldn't be taken for granted. People who go on dates just for something to do are dumb. If your looking for something to do go to the movies with somebody you like not somebody you don't even know. To me a date should be more like an interview. Your not gonna get a chance to interview somebody in the middle of a movie. People who bring their date to the movies, loud clubs or loud concerts have something to hide. If your looking to hide stay home.
Me I like to take my date to a shrink and let the shrink tell us if we are compatible. I mean a shrink ought to know. Its his job and field of study. Not only that if the shrink says we are compatible after the interrogation and it doesn't work out in six months to a year at least we will have somebody to blame besides ourselves. If your down with this then lets say me you and a shrink Saturday night?

The Cool of Me

I walk through the hills to the place that I know I got thier and realized I'm very unslow. Why the fucks that? Just imagine the truth me sitting their imagining dude. I imagine myself being all cool and thinking I'm the coolest already you fool. You know somebody cooler? Man not really man no and thats when realized I was very unslow.

About My Blogging

Man some people think I'm Super Man. They expect me to leap tall buildings and all that jazz. Sorry its me no super powers and at best average athletic skills. Man you better call somebody else. I know you needed me today but i am not gonna make a fool of myself trying to win this thing. I know people have told you I'm good and I am but not that good. Yes I'm afraid to say I do not live up to the hype. Sorry but its a disappointment even I have to live with.

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