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Fortnite fans should not miss this chance to win these gifts as the Snowdown challenge is out now. The first thing is to visit Snowmando Outposts and advance their way in the game. This article will learn more about these Snowmando Outposts and their location.

What is the Fortnite Royale Snowmando challenge? 

Fortnite Royale Operation: Snowdown challenge was introduced at the Winterfest event in 2020. This operation contains a total of twelve Snowdown quests. On completion of nine of these quests, the player has the liberty to unlock Snowmando’s skin. Also, if the player completes all twelve quests, the player can claim the Frost Squad Skin.

What are Snowmando Outposts?

Snowmando Outposts are the landmarks where Snowmando reproduces. These Outposts were introduced in the second chapter of Fortnite’s Christmas event Operation: Snowdown. Also, Snowmando Outposts are spread all across Fortnite.

Moreover, several amazing vehicles which can help you cross these outposts are parked on these outposts. Also, you will find several chests inside these locations that can help you make some extra points in the game. However, these outposts will automatically disappear when you pass the Operation: Sundown event.

What are the five major Snowmando Outposts introduced in Operation: Snowdown?

Snowmando Outpost Location no. 1: delta

The first Snowmando outpost can be found near the Catty Corner around the weather tower area.

 Snowmando Outpost Location no. 2: Bravo Jangle

The second Snowmando outpost is located on the west side of Pleasant Park. 

Snowmando Outpost Location no. 3: Charlie Jolly 

The third Snowmando outpost is located near the west side of The Durr Burger and the south side of the Holly Hedges.

Snowmando Outpost Location no. 4: Alpha Jingles

You can find the fourth outpost location on the south side of Steamy Stacks.

Snowmando Outpost Location no. 5:

The fifth location of this Outpost can be found on the Slurpy Swamp east.

Do we need to visit every Snowmando Outpost to complete Operation: Snowdown?

It is technically impossible to visit all the outposts as it is complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, the player needs to visit any desired outposts to advance in the game. The Snowdown challenge expects the player to find the chests spread across the outposts. Also, you will get a minimap that will guide you to find the outposts and chest’s location.

What are these Snowmando Challenges?

There is no official information about the challenges. However, according to some leaked information, the player will get a reward upon winning each quest. Also, the challenges introduced in the Winterfest are unique and will not be easy to beat. It can take days or even months to complete these challenges. Therefore, let us be prepared for what is coming next.

The Fortnite information leaker also mentioned some important information about these quests. Also, he mentioned the gift that comes with each quest. All the information is available on the internet. You can check the details and prepare for the challenge.


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