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So whats up? If your down with people that are different you should get to know me. I'm as different as they come. I'm trying not to sound dumb but how stupid do I sound obviously I'm not the exact same as everybody else. When you think of me though I don't want you to think I dress funny or look funny cause I said I was different. Cause i don't do either of those things. I'm just a different kind of person with a different kinda mentality. I like to think outside the box. A lot of people can't manage to get themselves out of the box and become very distraught. Being inside that box is crazy and causes box dwellers to become extremely cagey. I'm glad I finally escaped from it. If your one of those people who are still in the box and you wanna get out ask me cause I know how.
Anyway besides being different I'm very caring and when I say caring it means I care. I really do. So if you are in that box I promise I can help you out. Its not like I'm this box escaping ninja or something but getting out can be tricky. If you wanna get to know me don't check my box cause I'm not there I told ya. You too can be free like me all it takes is perseverance and a couple of years of guidance.


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