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I Dedicate This To My Dog Socks Without Whom I Could Never have Come This Far Tags: I Dedicate This To My Dog Socks Without Whom I Could Never have Come

Here is the funny thing about life. You never really know where it is your going.You know where you wanna go.You might do things and make decisions that you think will get you there. But it isn't entirely up to you is it? Somewhere along the line you have to rely on somebody else to do what you want them to do to make what you want to happen, happen and this is when things get all F'd up. 

Nobody makes it easy on you do they. This rough road causes some to use the excuse "hell if people would just give me the money I wouldn't have to kill them. Killing people isn't easy its hard dam work but it is the only way your gonna get some people to stop holding out. Ya ya you can build things and gather things that people will trade their valuables or their money for but if you want their last dollar you gotta take it." 
There not serious about the killing or the taking of course but seriously What is wrong with the world? Their opinion "lets face it men, there is not enough around to go around so you better get yours before I get mine. Once I get mine all the gotten can be forgotten cause its all gone. I will be consuming what I have gotten as fast as I can. There will be nothing left therefore if you want yours better hurry. As soon as I'm done talking I'm starting. Do you follow me? Are you picking up what I'm putting down? I hope so because for those of you who missed the boat there will be no make ups for this test. The curriculum will not be reviewed if you have questions don't ask." 
A small bird once told me. Excuse me sir but if your brain was much smaller you wouldn't have all these problems. I think that was probably the theory behind the George W. Bush elections. Anyway on to my next point. What was the point of this? Dam if you don't know that sucks because I was hoping you would explain it too me. As far as I can tell their is no point therefore a point without a point does not exist. This may have never even happened and probably didn't. If I have wasted any of your time I am sorry, please see me within the next .5 seconds for a full refund. Complaints made after this time will result in lost time. If you have lost your time the only way to recover it is to read this backwards.Good luck.
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Today was the day when Rome came around full force besieged full forces down. The war was all started the beginning and end and to lose all the fight was to lose all the men. Today it all started the fight worth the fight the mightiest might was the might of the might. I put my own place with the men and the warriors. I was first  inline for the in store of the the fight and I was the first inline to feel the might of the night. I wheedled my sword and shield and plunged to my death and this is what I said with my very last breath. I came as a warrior and I leave as one too but tonight was the night that my life is all thru. I won many battles I fought with the best and to lose this battle I'd have to come to my rest. I besieged many cities I fought long and hard I have struggled in battles only to lose only yards. I never before went to my knees and to lose only battles was to lose only to ones fear and I have never lost ever. As my own life is a true mirror of the truth and the one who had won because to lose I would have to be done and finished and I wasn't to this very day. To beat me is to kill me and then only then can you call it a victory I said to my very last friend. He replied back to know you is to respect you my friend as the truth is that I've fought many of men but only to you would I kneel for the art slow to know you is to fear you only I've come to love you like a brother and the true end is here it is only to lose you as my friend is my lonely last fear. As I felt the sword plunge I looked to my left and I saw the collapse of my lonely last friend. I looked at the night the fight was a fight and I soon realized my last night was this night. To look upon the night now I knew only then to believe in ones self you had to believe it would end. I always believed that it would I always believed the true truth that to besiege ones fear one had to conquer the notion that life is a battle up hill or not to lose the battle was to quit the one fight you couldn't dam stop. I relished the fact that I went out with a fight and I relished the fact that to this very night I had to believe that the true end was near to win the fight was to win over fear. I had beaten it then and to this very day I have conquered my fear and lived my life full cause without fear holding me hostage I was free. Free to be me. Free to fight fights and free to be the one person with the might of the might.

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I came across her in a clearing she was standing there alone and I knew she was waiting for someone. I knew who it be she was waiting for too. She was waiting for me and I was waiting for her to notice I was there. I cleared my throat loudly and asked if she was alone. She answered not any more and gazed hard into my eyes. I couldn't have hurt her if I tried and I knew she knew that. I asked her to come with me for there was a better spot just up ahead. She nodded and said I'll follow you anywhere. We set off at a soft pace and looking far beyond I could see the clearing I had in mind. I asked her if she was afraid of me and she nodded to the scar on my arm. "What happened? " She asked. I told her about the battle I'd been in and relayed more than I had ever intended. she knew where I'd been and that was not comforting for I had killed many in battle. The scar left a remnant  deep in my soul of a scar that would never be gone. To kill another man was the true sign off a warrior and I knew I was a fierce a warrior as any. She knew it too and to talk about it brought turmoil and anguish deep down inside. "So it is for the glory you battle?" she asked. "No I fight only to survive" I answered. She cried in my arms as she told me about the friends she had lost in war and trying to comfort her I had to explain the true meaning of life. "How can you kill so many" she asked. "To war is not to discriminate as to who is to die but to kill indiscriminately kill thy true enemy." I answered. I can understand only love she replied but war is to err. in my mind. To war is to survival as air is to live I conveyed. In this world it is to kill or to be killed. This leaves me with great sorry she stated. I agreed and touched her heart with  my hand. I feel your pain but to live is to die. I know she said and we both cried. I will live again and the next life shall be less painful I pray said I. I also she stammered for both of us have known great displeasure in this life and I for one can stand it no longer. Nor I. I replied. So we shall go she questioned with her voice and her eyes. So we shall I replied. We hugged tightly but gently and I could feel the turmoil as  I grasped her throat and squeezed firmly. She slipped into  the unconscious and I  being able to stand it no more plunged the blade deep into my heart. To pass into the beyond is always painful but to continue a futile existence with much pain and remorse was even more unbearable.

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