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Will your name change impact your startup?
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It is easy to name the startup after your own name. This way it is extremely simple to find a domain name and social handles as well because it is obvious that no one else in the industry would name the brand after your name.


However, the catch here is What if your name gets changed in the interim. The most common reason for name change is when you get married.

In such a scenario, should you continue with your maiden name or opt for the married name?


Well if you ask me, I would simply suggest, not to make it too complicated. Ask yourself a question that what was the reason for you to name your Startup after your name? The major reason is that you were well known for your work, so your brand didn’t need too much of advertising. Now after getting married, it is absolutely fine to continue with your maiden name. As people know you well by your maiden name and might take some time to get accustomed with your married name.


While on the other hand, if you have gained name and fame after getting married, then it would always be advisable to include your married name in Startup Names.


Hope we have made it simpler to understand the crux of having Startup Names after your own name!

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