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Today could have been better. In order to form a more perfect union I did what I had to do. For those who don't understand I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. There will come a time when all those created equal have dispelled the notion that some of us are better than the rest until that happens I have taken matters into my own hands.When the world changes there will be a split and those who are divided at the tops and the bottoms by the other half will wonder what has happened. It is a perfectly logical occurrence with the meek at the top and the once strong at the bottom. The exact opposite the world is now. If you feel like you have been struggling and not making ends meet congratulations that struggle will soon be over. If you are at the top of the world now looking down at the rest of the world your treachery is about to begin. In my mind this treachery is well deserved and you should understand the reason.

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