Don't despair Tags: Don't despair

Don't despair cause everything that happens happens for a reason. If you look at life as a place of time and a series of events you will realize that through time events have to happen. There is no person who doesn't have events good and bad throughout their life. If you look at somebody who always seems happy and wonder how it is that they seem to have such a wonderful life I would look at all the events taking place in their life and wonder how it is these events have transpired. You will come to the realization that nobody has the perfect sequence of events throughout their life but some people can handle things on different levels. I think people who mange best are the ones that seem indifferent to the events that have transpired. Taking an unattached view of your world and things around you seems to be the most effective way for staying happy.

Problems are problems. Tags: Problems are problems.

Problems are problems but they can be solved. I can solve pretty much any problem with a very simple solution and it goes like this. If you have a problem look at it as if the problem is the answer to your prayers. Act like you are so happy to have the problem that your life has become greater than anybody's life who's around you. Then all the people around you will look at you and wonder why the fuck your so happy. When they find out it's because of the problem they will be like no way I'll fix this. Therefor fixing the problem and in most cases they will try to stop it from ever happening again.

Walking with God Tags: Walking with God

When I walk I walk with the lord or rather he walks with me. So I said "lord where we walking to?" He said "we'll know when we get there son." Now I don't care but should I trust the lord?

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