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Christina Aguilera on Mariah Carey, BullSh*t & Billie J. Armstrong from Green Day.

Christina talks for the first time about the pop diva face-off on primetime with "American Idol's" Mariah Carey and "X-Factor's" Britney Spears, unlikely Team Xtina mentor Armstrong and her ongoing sparring with fellow judge Adam Levine. How does she feel about Mariah and Britney? It's about embracing the girl power. "You know I love that. All these artists are coming together from all the experience that we've had and we're being able to take that and feed this new wave of talent coming up." Christina shows nothing but love and support for her fellow Mousekeeter alum. "Britney's so talented. I mean she's a pro. She's been at it for a number of years now. We did grow up together. It's actually cool that these strong women are joining the club and they're gonna have fun." When Aguilera heard about her own idol, Carey, joining "Idol," she beamed, "I just found out about it last night, the news is fresh." Aguilera's unique partnership with "The Voice" Season 3 mentor Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong is definitely something Christina is excited to bring to the show. "He's had a tremendous amount of success in the business," she said. "I like to switch it up. This one was very intriguing because he comes from a completely different genre of music than I do. He's had tremendous obvious stage experience and touring and he would have some amazing advice and input." Armstrong feels the same way, telling Seymour, "I had a choice between another coach and her." He jokingly added, "You know I like singers, not drummers" -- a slight jab at Christina's show nemesis, Adam, who plays the drums. Christina and Armstrong hinted at doing a duet on the show. Aguilera teased, "We'll see... stranger things have happened," while Billie replied, "I'll write something." When it comes to Christina and Adam, she said they save their sparring for the show. "Any heated, you know, kind of banter... lives in the show and then it's out the window on a personal level." "They're like my brothers," she said of "Voice" coaches Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Adam. "They keep me laughing and we like to tease each other."
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