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The Pyramid Code: The Band of Peace

Part 1 "The Band of Peace" Is the modern science establishment telling us the truth about when and why the great pyramids of Egypt were actually built? When were they actually built, by whom, and for what purpose? ...What are they trying to hide? The pyramids of Egypt have long been a mystery. This series focuses on exploring what was the true purpose of the pyramids. Sally Jennings narrates The Pyramid Code. The five-part series is based on extensive research and includes interviews with authors and scholars. Many people still believe the pyramids were built as burial chambers for the dead. But since no mummies have been found in the pyramids, scholars do not believe this was their function. The Pyramid Code attempts to shine a light on the history of the ancients who inhabited the land, and uncover the true reason they built the pyramids. The first episode titled "The Band of Peace" focuses on six different pyramid sites. They follow the Nile River and evidence points to the fact that the river itself was next to the pyramids at the time they were built than where it is today. Over time the Nile has migrated to the east, thus putting the river further from the pyramids than when they were built. The Band of Peace is the area in which six different sites sit, among them the Great Pyramid at Giza. One scholar insists the pyramids were not built by slaves. So who actually built these structures? Although they are long gone, the three pyramids at Giza each had a top layer of smooth stones over the stones that we see today. One was red, one was black, and one was white. Episode two, titled "High Level Technology," looks at how the pyramids were constructed. Did this civilization possess a higher lever of knowledge than we do? Were the pyramids actually energy sources? The third episode, "Sacred Cosmology" looks at the placing of the pyramids and the hieroglyphics. Were the structures erected to mark the movement of the stars? Research has shown that there is evidence to prove the people of the time were knowledgeable about the stars, the zodiac, constellations and their movements in the sky. Episode four, "The Empowered Human," looks at the matriarchy life of the ancients and how they were more in tune with nature and the world around them. They were more enlightened than we are today. Of course, they also used plants to induce some of their altered states of awareness. This time in history combined both the male and female characteristics. They used both their left and right sides of their brains. In today's culture the focus is more one sided. The ancients balanced the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine, which is something that modern society does not do. This episode also looks at their female pharaohs and asks the question -- why does modern Egyptology sweep these women under the rug when looking at the history of Egypt? The final episode, "A New Chronology" looks at the age the pyramids were actually built. According to the scholars, the age of these structures is much older than what we have been taught. This shines a different light on human history. According to those who are studying this, our culture may not be the most advanced society that has lived on Earth. Who Were the People That Built the Pyramids? While fans of the Sci-fi series Stargate might feel that the pyramids were built by aliens from other planets, this series focuses on earth-based humans and why and how they erected these structures. The series changes the way the pyramids and the ancient past was taught in school. While a sarcophagus may be inside a pyramid, with no mummy ever discovered inside any pyramid the past conclusion that they were built to house the remains of pharaohs is discounted. What we consider science fiction just might not be fiction after all. There is evidence that the ancients were highly skilled and more advanced in many ways that we are in 2010. The pyramids might have been energy conductors that transmitted energy to affect human consciousness around the world. Sound like Science Fiction? Possibly. But the new scholars of today do not discount that theory. The five episodes bring up a new way of looking at the ancients, and completely discount our previous thoughts on the people of ancient times. It is a fascinating premise that today's historians are checking into. This five-part engaging series, The Pyramid Code, premiers Friday, April 2, 2010 at 8:30 PM ET/PT on the Documentary Channel. It runs five consecutive Fridays.
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