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Obi-Wan Explains The Jedi & Force To Luke - Star Wars: A New Hope

RKR2 Channel Description: From this channel, you can expect: - Star Wars Film Clips. - The Clone Wars Clips. - Rebels Clips. - Compilations, using footage from the films, TCW and/or Rebels. - Star Wars trailers - for example, I'm currently I'm working on several Revenge Of The Sith trailers, in the style of TFA, R1 & TLJ. - Possibly Legends & Canon audiobook clips, though this remains to be seen. Redeemed Kylo Ren Channel Description: From this channel, you can expect a comprehensive, detailed, and hopefully insightful overview of Star Wars lore/history, utilizing primary sources instead of Wookieepedia entries. I scour all sources for a given topic (from films to shows to novels to essential guides to Star Wars Insider articles) in order to find relevant bits of information for that topic, tie it all together and present it succinctly. Occasionally, I will delve into theories/ reviews, and more. Currently (June 2017), the channel only has 7 lore videos, which were uploaded in November/December 2016. However, I will have resumed uploading by July; and have refined my vocal delivery, acquired an intro/outro/logo/backdrop design, finalized research etc. To give you an idea of where the channel is headed, my next 8 uploads will be: - Origins Of Humans (Legends) - Sith King Adas (Legends) - Xim The Despot (Legends) - The Hutt Empire (Legends) - Origins Of The Je'daii Order (Legends) - Origins Of The Galactic Republic (Legends) - The First Jedi Schism (Legends) - The Tionese War (Legends)
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Added by Bling King on Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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