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7 Signs Of The Apocalypse - Full Documentary

This is for educational purposes. killryn does not support the idea that the world is going to do any of the following on the date 12-21-12-11:11am (however does feel this date/time is important as well): World blowing up. Comet hitting the earth. Nuclear war. Volcanic Eruption Please provide captions and I will put them up. I am busy making other videos and working on other websites, so please contact me to let me know how u can help, or how I can help you. We make the web go around, so dont waste any time and remember how fast you can learn things in 2013... If you are afraid you are going to die before this Christmas, remember... Jesus died for you already once, It's like he went to jail for life for you... Even though this is not the end, because we aint quite there yet... Remember that we are INFINITE cannot be destroy, will not be enslaved, and since we live forever we get to decide what happens to us.... Yes, the government and the church have lied to you... It is up to you, to find out how easy it is to discover yourself and then let yourself go.... get rid of your ego, and realize the power you have (we all have) within. Goodnight.
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