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CYCLE from Remo Gee on Vimeo.

Finally I finished "CYCLE", the short I was working on the last couple of weeks, the practical part of my B.A. Thesis. I visualized a life cycle by using abstract shapes which are inspired by particular elements and processes in nature. These different elements are combined and brought together into a new context. One of the main goals was to let the film end just where it started, that the narration becomes a closed circle. Special thanks to the Profs who accompanied me and my project and gave me great advises: Prof. C. Mahler (vimeo.com/cmahler) Doz. A. Bahr (vimeo.com/achimbahr) Special thanks also to the great artists who talked to me about abstract motion design. It really helped me on the written part of the thesis and inspired me a lot! Vinny Morales aka. Kultnation (vimeo.com/kultnation) Uwe Schweer-Lambers aka. Equiloud (vimeo.com/equiloud) Gabor Ekes (vimeo.com/gaborekes) Fernando Fuentes aka. Moonsta (vimeo.com/moonsta) Software used: Cinema 4d, Realflow, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Logic, Illustrator (sorry ībout the quality...the vimeo compression seem to make 32bit gradients look pretty bad..:( take a look at the stills for higher quality..:))
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