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    Don't exclude me from yourself unless you want to be excluded.

    April 23, 2011





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  • About Me

    • I love to listen to music. Even if it sucks. edit

    • I like to act out my favorite actors and sometimes I think I'm a better actor than even they are. edit

    • Candid Camera. I'm very very candid. I actually did like it. edit

    • The best book ever was the book about the dragon. I think his name was Puff. edit

    • The best sports ever are those that aren't even sports. edit

    • I'm a web entrepreneur. I own my own extremely successful website Ning.Spruz.Com. We hit a million members last month! Congratulations to my team! Nice job! edit

    • I dreamt a dream about a dream and when I woke up the dream wasn't over. I never did get out of the dream world. Sorry for those of you who missed me in reality. edit

    • My best feature is my but. edit

    • I can't believe who I really am. edit

    • Is the ring tone of another ring tone recorded. It reminds me of my old phone. editdelete

    • The date shouldn't be taken for granted. People who go on dates just for something to do are dumb. If your looking for something to do go to the movies with somebody you like not somebody you don't even know. To me a date should be more like an interview. Your not gonna get a chance to interview somebody in the middle of a movie. People who bring their date to the movies, loud clubs or loud concerts have something to hide. If your looking to hide stay home. Me I like to take my date to a shrink and let the shrink tell us if we are compatible. I mean a shrink ought to know. Its his job and field of study. Not only that if the shrink says we are compatible after the interrogation and it doesn't work out in six months to a year at least we will have somebody to blame besides ourselves. If your down with this then lets say me you and a shrink Saturday night? editdelete

    • http://ning.spruz.com/profile/Bling-King editdelete

    • Message me I want to talk to you! I don't care who you are I'll talk to anybody even if your ugly. editdelete

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Author:Bling King
Published:Mar 22nd 2014
Modified:Mar 22nd 2014

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