Erlotinib is a cancer-fighting medicine. It’s available under the trade names Erlocip and Erlonat. The medicine is used for the treatment of patients with non-small cell lung cancer. It has two strengths: 100mg and 150mg. The medicine is expected to manage the tumors that have started spreading to nearby organs. Its possible side effects include diarrhea, cough, hoarseness, skin rash, and chest discomfort. You can enquire about the erlotinib hydrochloride tablet price on Magicine Pharma. Get quick delivery options on your online order and save up to 28%


paclitaxel 30 mg price

Paclitaxel is a prescription medicine for cancers. It helps treat patients suffering from cancers of the lung, breast, pancreas, and kidney. It is also being studied for the treatment of other cancer tumors. This medication is sold under the name Paclitero among others. Its available strengths are 30mg, 100mg, and 260mg. Magicine Pharma offers a great discount on the paclitaxel injection price. You can check the availability of cancer medicines in your country and order online. Get up to 22% off.