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    Convert-extract audio and rip CDs

    ...TAudioConverter is an advanced, multithreaded audio converter-extractor and CD Ripper. It can convert any audio format to aac, mp3, wav, flac, ac3...

    5,345 weekly downloads
    Audio Converter-Extractor

    TAudioConverter is an advanced, multithreaded audio converter-extractor and CD Ripper. It can convert any audio format to aac, mp3, wav, flac, ac3, ogg, opus, mpc, ape or tta. It can also, extract audio streams from video files. It can apply various effects to audio streams. Installers no longer contain ads. Beta releases are located here: ... Read more.

    Last Updated: 2015-06-07

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  • Super Audio CD Decoder Icon


    ...Super Audio CD Decoder input plugin for foobar2000. Decoder is capable of playing back Super Audio CD ISO images, DSDIFF and DSF files. Direct DSD...

    6,007 weekly downloads
  • fre:ac - free audio converter Icon

    Audio converter and CD ripper for various formats

    ...fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper for various formats and encoders. It features MP3, MP4/M4A, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, and Bonk...

    7,093 weekly downloads
  • DVD audio Tools Icon


    ...A set of tools for authoring and playback of unencrypted and uncompressed audio on DVD-Audio discs and hybrid DVD-Audio/Video discs....

    253 weekly downloads
  • Audio software and tools Icon


    ...Audio software and tools...

  • MAD (MPEG Audio Decoder) Icon


    ...MAD is a high-quality fixed-point MPEG audio decoder with 24-bit output. The implementation is entirely new, based on the ISO/IEC standards, and...

    2,282 weekly downloads
  • Freeware Advanced Audio Coder Icon


    ...FAAC is an Advanced Audio Coder (MPEG2-AAC, MPEG4-AAC). The goal of FAAC is to explore the possibilities of AAC and exceed the quality of the...

    2,548 weekly downloads

    FAAC is an Advanced Audio Coder (MPEG2-AAC, MPEG4-AAC). The goal of FAAC is to explore the possibilities of AAC and exceed the quality of the currently best MP3 encoders.

    Last Updated: 2013-05-02

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  • Skype Audio Player Icon


    ...Skype Audio Player allows playing audio files (mp3, wav, wma) during Skype calls to both parties. It is a simple tool without luxurious functions...

    542 weekly downloads
  • FLAC-Free Lossless Audio Codec Icon


    ...FLAC is a free lossless compressed audio format which supports streaming and archival. The FLAC project maintains the format and provides a...

    2,340 weekly downloads
  • TTA Lossless Audio Codec Icon


    ...Lossless compressor for multichannel 8,16 and 24 bits audio data, with the ability of password data protection. Being 'lossless' means that no data...

    1,057 weekly downloads
  • Mpxplay audio player Icon


    ...Mpxplay is a commander-style console audio player for DOS and Win32 operating systems. Mpxplay-MMC is a GUI version of Mpxplay for Windows 7 with...

    220 weekly downloads
  • Planet OSX-Audio Icon


    ...Planet OSX-Audio is an implementation of the Gentoo OSX Metadistribution that installs and updates open source audio software via internet...

  • PLAY -Play Little Audio sYstem Icon


    A multimedia program, designed for computer dj's. Initially just a player, but eventually things like a crossfading, playlist managment, multiple soun

  • Audio-Mux Icon


    ...Aim of the project is to build a audio-mux hard and software. the hardware is based on an atmega128 risc processor. it has 16 stereo input channels...

  • Wavepacket Audio Libraries Icon


    ...This project provides a simple abstraction on top of existing open-source libraries to provide 3D audio sound support....

  • Dosof Audio Player Icon
  • audio content analysis Icon

  content analysis...

    audio content analysis

    Last Updated: 2011-11-20

  • Audio.Net Icon

    A .Net Audio Library that facilitates the MVVM paradim

    ...Through the use of a Portable Class Library definition and service this library allows for audio API access to the ViewModel layer....

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  • Vista Audio Changer Icon


    ...Vista Audio Changer is a system tray application that can change the default sound output device in Windows Vista at the click of a mouse....

    145 weekly downloads
  • DVD-Audio Decoder and Watermark Detector Icon


    ...DVD-Audio Decoder input plugin and Watermark Detector/Neutralizer DSP plugins for foobar2000. Decoder is capable of playing back DVD-Audio discs, ISO...

    493 weekly downloads
  • Audio Toolkit plugins Icon


    ...VST and Audio Units plugins based on the Audio Toolkit...

    375 weekly downloads
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  set; audio set; audio set; audio set; audio set; audio set; audio set; ...

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    ...t-audio: an interesting software ...

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