audio 7

  • Multitrack audio editor

    ...An audio editor optimized for recording and manipulating multiple tracks with an easy user interface....

  • NCS SPU2 Audio Driver Icon


    ...NCS SPU2 is an audio plugin for the PS2 emulator, PCSX 2. NOTE: Because there is currently no SPU support in PCSX 2, no release of NCS SPU2 will be...

  • HTPC Audio DSP Icon


    ... multiple channel levels, etc.) for a soundcard-independent audio control panel....

  • Java Audio Chat Icon


    ...Chat for LAN with audio streaming support written in Java....

  • Server Audio Streaming Icon

    Server Audio Streaming - Server Audio - Shoutcast Server - Centovacast

    ...Server Audio Streaming Server Shoutcast Audio Streaming Server Shoutcast AutoDJ...

  • chapter 1 audio activity Icon
  • MPEG audio decoder Icon


    ...Mpadec is a high-quality portable MPEG audio decoder library. It supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2 Layer I, Layer II and Layer III audio streams, including...

  • Universal Audio Player Icon


    ...Plugin based audio player for unix/linux/win32 with a powerful gui and capabilities...

  • OpenSebJ - Realtime Audio Sample Mixing Icon


    ...An audio production & mixing tool, featuring a - Sequencer, Beat Box, Wave Recording, Frequency Modulation, DJ Scratch interface, MP3 and sampler...

    34 weekly downloads
  • Parrot -- Audio Interview Annotater Icon


    ...Parrot Audio Interview Annotater Language: Java. For Mac OS X primarily, but works for all Java enabled OSes. Review audiotaped interviews (WAV...

  • dae Audio Editor Icon


    ...A program for editing digital audio files, utilizing the Open Sound System or ALSA for the sound device interface. Gtk+ is utilized for the user...

  • Free Audio Guide Icon


    ...Free Audio Guide for Travellers...

  • Repeating Sequence Audio Compression Icon


    ...An investigation into an audio compression technique which identifies repeating sequences in audio and uses this information to compress the audio...

  • Game Audio Source Fixator Icon


    Valve Counter-Strike Source and EA BattleField 2 auto-set the default microphone on map load, so you cant set another source as the microphone. This

  • Java Secured Audio Transmission Icon


    ...JASAT, The Java Secured Audio Transmission is a client/server system that allows you to keep your audio files archived and encrypted in a secure...

  • AUDio MEasurement System Icon


    ...AUDio MEasurement System - multi-platfrom system for audio measurement through sound card in the PC. Incorporates Generator, Oscilloscope, FFT, Sweep...

    60 weekly downloads
  • WWAM - World Wide Audio Manager Icon


    ...This software enables you mainly to manage your audio collection. You can add multiple tags to your songs (genre, dance), make smart playlists and...

  • Cetus Audio Library for Java Icon


    ...Cetus gives rich audio playing capabilities to the java language. This library is module based and can be easily extended....

  • AVIC - Audio Video Internet Communicator Icon


    ...AVIC - Audio Video Internet Communicator is a free jabber web client...

  • AVIC - Audio Video Internet Communicator Icon


    ...AVIC - Audio Video Internet Communicator is a free jabber client Download from http://avic.sourceforge.net...

  • 05.09 Make Your Pitch - Audio Icon

    School Project

    This is a project for a language arts class in Florida Virtual School.

  • Emotive Audio for Chat Systems Icon
  • Audio serial port android library Icon

    Audio jack serial port android library

    ...Data transfer via the audio port is a option how to ensure communication between the two devices, which is easy to obtain and build. In this work, we...

    Data transfer via the audio port is a option how to ensure communication between the two devices, which is easy to obtain and build. In this work, we are focused to the Android platform for its diffusion and wide functionality. We communicate with a modem supporting the HART protocol, which can be built into a variety of sensors and other devices. The aim of this work is to implement a library ... Read more.

    Last Updated: 2013-04-16

  • BlackBlade method of audio encoding Icon


    ...The BlackBlade Method of audio encoding is a unique process, in that instead of saving the wave itself to a file, we save information about the wave....

  • Multichannel Audio Tools in Matlab Icon


    ...This is a multichannel audio display/editing/mastering/mixing toolbox running in Matlab....

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Published:Dec 21st 2015
Modified:Dec 21st 2015
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