ce:pre-wrap;">Load Balancing and AutoScaling

Understanding Fault Tolerance in AWS, in-depth study of Elastic Load Balancing, the types of Load Balancers viz. Classic and Application, AWS Auto Scaling mechanism, understanding AWS Management Console, how to access the Elastic Load Balancing, studying AWS SDK, AWS CLI and Https Query API.Hands-on Exercise – How to create an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), configuration of auto scaling group and familiarizing with the Management Console.

                                               Amazon Route 53

Introduction to the Domain Name Registration service AWS Route 53, how to route internet traffic to resources, checking health of resources automatically.Hands-on Exercise – How to register a domain using Route 53, routing internet traffic to the resources and automatically checking health of resources.

                             Amazon Application Services

Elastic Beanstalk, Simple Email Services (SES), Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS Lambda, Elastic OpsWorks Hands-on Exercise – How to run an app using AWS Elastics Beanstalk, deploying SES to send email, enabling and generating notification service, using AWS Lambda to copy object, modeling and provisioning your app with AWS OpsWorks.

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