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Skype logo2.svg
Skype 5.10 running on Windows 7
Developer(s) Microsoft Skype Division
Initial release August 2003
Stable release

 (30 August 2012; 26 days ago)[1]
BlackBerry OS
 (2 February 2011; 19 months ago)[2]
 (21 August 2012; 35 days ago)[3][4]
 (17 July 2012; 2 months ago)[5]
Microsoft Windows
 (17 July 2012; 2 months ago)[5]
 (17 July 2012; 2 months ago)[5]
 (2 February 2012; 7 months ago)[6]
Windows Phone
 (1 August 2012; 55 days ago)[7]

Preview release

Microsoft Windows
5.11 (Beta)
 (13 September 2012; 12 days ago)[8]
5.11 (Beta)
 (13 September 2012; 12 days ago)[9]

Written in Embarcadero Delphi, Objective-C (iOS, Mac OS X), C++ with Qt4 (Linux)
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Multilingual
Type Voice over Internet Protocol, instant messaging, videoconferencing
License Proprietary, some paid features

Skype (play /ˈskp/) is a proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol service and software application originally created in 2003 by Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennström and his Danish partner Janus Friis. It has been owned by Microsoft since 2011.

The service allows users to communicate with peers by voice, video, and instant messaging over the Internet. Phone calls may be placed to recipients on the traditional telephone networks. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free of charge, while calls to landline telephones and mobile phones are charged via a debit-based user account system. Skype has also become popular for its additional features, including file transfer, and videoconferencing. Competitors include SIP and H.323-based services, such as Linphone,[10] as well as the Google Talk service, Mumble and

Skype has 663 million registered users as of September 2011.[11] The network is operated by Microsoft, which has its Skype division headquarters in Luxembourg. Most of the development team and 44% of the overall employees of the division are situated in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia.[12][13]

Unlike most other VoIP services, Skype is a hybrid peer-to-peer and client–server system. It makes use of background processing on computers running Skype software. Skype's original proposed name (Sky Peer-to-Peer) reflects this fact.

Some network administrators have banned Skype on corporate,[14] government, home, and education networks,[15] citing reasons such as inappropriate usage of resources, excessive bandwidth usage, and security concerns.[16]



Skype was founded in 2003 by Janus Friis from Denmark and Niklas Zennström from Sweden.[17] The Skype software was developed by Estonians Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn, who together with Friis and Zennström were also behind the peer-to-peer file sharing software Kazaa.[18] In August 2003, the first public beta version was released.

eBay acquisition

On 12 September 2005 eBay Inc. agreed to acquire Luxembourg-based Skype Technologies SA for approximately US$2.6 billion in up-front cash and eBay stock, plus potential performance-based consideration.

Microsoft acquisition

On 10 May 2011, Microsoft Corporation acquired Skype Communications, S.à r.l for US$8.5 billion.[19] The company was incorporated as a division of Microsoft, and Microsoft acquired all of the company's technologies with the purchase. This was completed on 13 October 2011.[19][20]


Registered users of Skype are identified by a unique Skype Name, and may be listed in the Skype directory.[21] Skype allows these registered users to communicate through both instant messaging and voice chat. Voice chat allows telephone calls between pairs of users and conference calling, and uses a proprietary audio codec. Skype's text chat client allows group chats, emoticons, storing chat history and editing of previous messages. Offline messages were implemented in a beta of version 5, but removed after a few weeks without notification. The usual features familiar to instant messaging users — user profiles, online status indicators, and so on — are also included.

The Online Number, a.k.a. SkypeIn, service allows Skype users to receive calls on their computers dialed by conventional phone subscribers to a local Skype phone number; local numbers are available for Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.[22][23] A Skype user can have local numbers in any of these countries, with calls to the number charged at the same rate as calls to fixed lines in the country.

Video conferencing between two users was introduced in January 2006 for the Windows and Mac OS X platform clients. Skype 2.0 for Linux, released on 13 March 2008, also features support for video conferencing.[24] Version 5 beta 1 for Windows, released 13 May 2010, offers free video conferencing with up to five people.[25]

Skype for Windows, starting with version, supports "High Quality Video" with quality and features, e.g. full-screen and screen-in-screen modes, similar to those of mid-range videoconferencing systems.[26] Skype audio conferences currently support up to 25 people at a time, including the host.

Skype does not provide the ability to call emergency numbers such as 911 in the United States and Canada, 999 in the United Kingdom and many other countries, 111 in New Zealand, 000 in Australia, or 112 in Europe.[27] The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that, for the purposes of section 255 of the Telecommunications Act, Skype is not an "interconnected VoIP provider".[28] As a result, the U.S. National Emergency Number Association recommends that all VoIP users have an analog line available as a backup.[29]

In 2011 Skype partnered with Comcast to bring its video chat service to Comcast subscribers via their HDTV sets.[30]

Usage and traffic

Year International call market share
2005 2.9%[43]
2006 4.4%[43]
2008 8%[41]
2010 13%[44]

In January 2011, after the release of video calling on the Skype client for iPhone, Skype reached a record 27 million simultaneous online users.[45] This record was broken with 29 million simultaneous online users on 21 February 2011,[46] and again on 28 March 2011 with 30 million online users.[47] On 25 February 2012, Skype announced that it has over 32 million users for the first time ever.[48] As of 5th of March 2012, it has broken to 36 million simultaneous online users.[49] In June 2012, Skype had surpassed 70 million downloads on an Android Device.[50]

On 19 July 2012, Microsoft has announced that Skype users have logged 115 billion minutes of calls over the quarter, up 50% since the last quarter. [51]

Client applications and devices

Skype runs on a number of platforms, and on 29 October 2007, Skype launched its own mobile phone under the brand name 3 Skypephone, which runs a BREW OS.[52] Other platforms officially supported include:

  • About 50 mobile phones, as of 2008[53]
  • The Nokia N800, N810 and N900 Internet Tablets, which use the Maemo environment
  • The Nokia N9 comes with Skype voice calling and text messaging integrated however lacks video-calling.
  • Both the Sony mylo COM-1 and COM-2 models
  • The PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite series, though the user needs to purchase a specially designed microphone peripheral. The PSP-3000 has a built in microphone which allows communication without the Skype peripheral.[54] PSP Go has the ability to use Bluetooth connections with the Skype application, in addition to its built-in microphone.[55] Skype for PlayStation Vita may be downloaded via the PlayStation Network in the U.S. It includes the capability to receive incoming calls with the application running in the background.
  • Mobile devices running Windows Mobile;[56] in February 2010, Skype announced its decision to discontinue development Skype for Windows Mobile.[57] In May 2010, Skype announced that it had no plans to develop a version of Skype for Windows Phone 7.[58] But at MIX 11, It was announced that Skype is coming to Windows Phone 7.[59] The first stable release was made available on 22 April 2012, though it lacked the ability to run in the background.[60]
  • Symbian; Current Version: 2.0 Release date: 21 April 2011[61]
  • The X-Series together with mobile operator 3. However this uses a regular mobile phone call and iSkoot[62] to a Skype gateway, rather than mobile Internet. Other companies produce dedicated Skype phones which connect via WiFi
  • iOS, using an official application released on 31 March 2009. As of version 2.x, the iPhone application is capable of placing voice calls over 3G and EDGE networks. Skype originally announced it will charge a monthly fee for this feature at the start of 2011, but that was eventually dropped.[63] On 29 December, Skype updated their iOS app to version 3.0, allowing mobile video calling. On 2 August 2011, Skype officially released an iPad app named 'Skype for iPad' which allows the user to have video calls using iPad 2's front and back cameras. The original iPad is also allowed to make calls but only voice calls, The other person on the other side can make a video call if they have a camera, and the original iPad can only receive the video but not send.
  • A variety of BlackBerry and Android 3G Smartphones, through Verizon Wireless' Skype mobile service. Customers can receive Skype calls, instant messages and see friends' presence any time the phone is on. Skype usage isn't charged against customers’ monthly Verizon Wireless minute allowance when calling another Skype account (Skype-to-Skype). Customers in the U.S. use minutes from their calling plan when calling U.S. land lines or cell phones.[64]

Some devices are made to work with Skype by talking to a desktop Skype client or by embedding Skype software into the device. These are usually either tethered to a PC, or have a built-in Wi-Fi client to allow calling from Wi-Fi hotspots like the Netgear SPH101 Skype Wi-Fi Phone, the SMC WSKP100 Skype Wi-Fi Phone, the Belkin F1PP000GN-SK Wi-Fi Skype Phone, the Panasonic KX-WP1050 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype Executive Travel Set, the IPEVO So-20 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype and the Linksys CIT200 Wi-Fi Phone. There are also embedded cordless Skype phones based on DECT, which do not need a PC either, like the DUALphone 3088 from RTX. Netgear and SMC's Wi-Fi phones are considered the two major competitors in the market, with reviews of the Wi-Fi phones giving them equal coverage.[citation needed]

The Skype Wi-Fi Phone is a wireless mobile phone that allows users to make Skype calls, using a wireless Internet connection. The Skype Wi-Fi Phone has an on-screen menu that lets Skype users see who is online and available to talk, similar to what is seen on a PC. It can also be used to talk with non-Skype users. SkypeOut minutes can be used to call any phone for a low price and no monthly fee. The Skype Wi-Fi phone does not contain a web browser and so can not access hotspots, which require web-based login or authentication.[65]

Third-party developers, such as Truphone, Nimbuzz IM and Fring, have allowed Skype to run in parallel with several other competing VoIP/IM networks (Truphone and Nimbuzz provide truphoneOut and NimbuzzOut as a competing paid service) in any Symbian or Java environment. Nimbuzz has made Skype available to BlackBerry users. In July 2010, however, Fring disabled users from accessing Skype despite claiming that Skype themselves disabled the access;[66] Fring had provided mobile video calling over Skype as well as support for the Android platform. Nimbuzz discontinued support on request of Skype in October 2010.[67]

Until November 2010, only certain Samsung and Panasonic TVs offered Skype video service.[68]

Release History


Color Meaning
Red Release no longer supported
Green Release still supported
Blue Future release
Major Version Release Date Significant Changes 15 December 2007 ? 7 December 2008 ? 13 February 2009 ? 13 March 2009 ? 20 March 2009 ? 3 April 2009 ? 22 April 2009 ? 3 June 2009 ? 30 June 2009 ? 25 July 2009 ? 3 September 2009 ? 12 October 2009 ? 25 February 2010 ? 10 March 2010 ? 8 April 2010 ? 27 April 2010 Hotfix 10 May 2010 Hotfix 20 May 2010 Skype crashed with some web-cameras when video calling, for example with Microsoft Lifecam Show and HP Elite Autofocus web-cam. 6 September 2010 Fixes issues 14 October 2010 Group video calling (beta)
  • Skype Home
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Offline instant messaging
  • New contact search and improved contact adding
  • Enhanced call quality experience
  • User interface refresh 14 December 2010 Call Phones

Skype crashed on Call Phones area when user had more than one recently expired subscriptions

  • Contact requests
    • Contact requests sent from Skype for Windows in Cyrillic letters were shown as "?" marks on incoming contact request view on Skype for Android
  • Login
    • Skype crashed on login for users who had two or more dots ("..") in their username in row.
  • Screen sharing
    • Full screen sharing selection was not updated when selecting second monitor for screen sharing
  • Video
    • Fixed the issues with Freetalk Everyman webcam and FaceVsion Touchcam N1 not going into HD video calling mode. Note! Camera firmware needs to be upgraded as well, see instructions for Freetalk and FaceVsion. 6 January 2011 Video calls now start by default in 640x480 resolution
  • Video calls on powerful computers start in 30 frames per second
  • Improved surfacing of 'Add Contact' and 'Create a Group' functions
  • Group video calling out of Beta 31 January 2011 Hotfix 15 March 2011 Modified call phones dialog with integrated contact number search
  • New presence-aware call button, including a drop-down of associated contact numbers
  • Modified presence icons, to better indicate a contact's availability status
  • Improved call handling when you run out of credit
  • New simple button to share files and contacts
  • Improvements to help you find active calls
  • New look for the contact profile area 7 April 2011 Improved quality of video received from Skype on mobile devices
  • Skype shows users' presence icons on collapsed contact profile cards
  • Conversation topic editing button is now always available on the conversation header
  • If a phone number is added to a profile after a failed call attempt, Skype starts a call automatically
  • Automatically switch to SMS entry after user adds mobile phone number to profile after failing to send SMS due to lack of phone number 20 April 2011 Hotfix 24 May 2011 Hotfix 26 May 2011 Hotfix 16 June 2011 Removes Skype Extras manager 28 July 2011 Skype to Facebook instant messaging
  • New and updated emoticons
  • New login experience
  • Improved call controls
  • Improved video calling reliability
  • Simplified installer flow
  • Avatar selection improved
  • Video snapshot capture improvements
  • Changed group conversations profile area
  • Plus several bug fixes 28 July 2011 Resolves Skype login issue for new installations that have UDP blocked on the network
  • Resolves video calling issue on some HP/Palm devices 23 August 2011 Hotfix 1 September 2011 Hotfix 13 September 2011 Adds support for Windows 8 29 September 2011 Screen sharing improvements
  • New 'getting started' experience
  • Small changes to the call controls
  • The 'Call Phones' button has been moved
  • Updated 'Click to Call' browser plugins
  • In call advertising
  • Skype Home' UI improvements in compact mode
  • Share your thoughts about this new version on our Support Network or in case you see the odd issue then please report it to us on our public issue tracker. 29 September 2011 Updated Skype Click to Call browser plugins
  • Fixed Skype home popping up on compact mode 13 October 2011 Removed Google product bundling
  • Added attribution of used third party software 13 October 2011 Removed Google product bundling
  • Added attribution of used third party software
5.8 2 February 2012 Full HD video-calling
  • Support for Facebook audio and video-calling (beta)
  • Group screen sharing
  • Hide offline Facebook contacts
  • Push to Talk
  • Skype updater service
  • Bing Bar integration 21 February 2012 Hotfix 6 March 2012 Hotfix 12 April 2012 A new confirmation message when sending a contact to a group conversation
  • A new Hotkey for taking snapshots during video calls
  • Improved non-standard international phone number recognition for Australian users
  • The ability to opt-out from silent updates 7 May 2012 Hotfix 7 June 2012 Hotfix for windows 8 release preview 14 June 2012 Select and pin your favorite contacts
  • Facebook and Skype contacts combined into one Contacts list
  • Easier to understand premium subscription notices
  • Possibility to control Skype video rendering technology for backward compatibility for people who have trouble with video calls 5 July 2012 Hotfix 17 July 2012 Hotfix

Mac OS X

Color Meaning
Red Release no longer supported
Green Release still supported
Blue Future release
Major Version Release Date Significant Changes 19 February 2006
  • improvement: minor cosmetic changes
  • improvement: more fully localized to Japanese
  • bugfix: calls directed to voicemail sometimes caused glitches in the call drawer 5 July 2006 Known issue: Users who created their account on Intel-based computers will not be able to revert to earlier versions of Skype, after they have installed Skype
  • new feature: Universal binary: Skype is now made to run natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac computers
  • new feature: Web presence: Show your Skype status on the web and in your email signature
  • new language: Traditional Chinese 26 October 2006
  • Make video calls to anyone on Skype, no matter what kind of computer they are using. 30 January 2007 ? 11 April 2007
  • Improved audio quality.
  • Transfer calls to your Skype contacts 16 May 2007 A new call-transfer feature that is exclusive to the Mac platform. Users can now select More > Call Transfer to transfer an ongoing call to another Skype user on their contact list.
  • Join public chats
  • Chat typing indicator: see when others are writing a message
  • Skype Prime: call a premium-service provider and pay for their advice and knowledge with Skype credit
  • Automatic updates: get new features and updates without having to go to Skype's website DTMF tones for automatic answering services available also during Skype-to-Skype calls 22 May 2007 bugfix: USB/Bluetooth Audio update
  • bugfix: Localization fixes
  • bugfix: renamed 'Rename...' to 'Edit Contact...' for SkypeOut contacts
  • bugfix: fixed deleting header files from Skype framework
  • bugfix: fixed crash after forced upgrade 13 June 2007
  • improvement: Skype's own audio codec
  • improvement: Skype improved conference mixer
  • improvement: Skype Jitter Buffer and concealment
  • improvement: Skype audio preprocessing components
  • localizations: all updated
  • bugfix: fixed application hangup on handling certain URL links in chat messages
  • bugfix: fixed exception (resulting in disappearance of message) on handling certain intentionally constructed "bad" chat messages
  • bugfix: privacy policy fix, not accepting multichats from non-authorized users 17 July 2007 ? 27 November 2007 ? 30 November 2007
  • feature: Higher resolution video calls (640×480 and 25 frames per second)
  • feature: Mobile Indicators
  • improvement: Possibility to paste DTMF codes to call window
  • improvement: Added confirmation dialog before closing all open chats
  • improvement: selected chat background color in drawer is now gray if Skype is inactive
  • improvement: Joining public chat when host is offline has improved messaging
  • improvement: clicking search button in the view which is shown after quickfiltering starts search immediately
  • improvement: "Block" and "Add to Conference" menu items were not enabled when multiple contacts were selected in contact list
  • improvement: Added "Back to Contacts" button to the view which is shown after quickfiltering didn't find anything
  • improvement: KICKED and KICKBAN messages now shown in chat
  • improvement: Volume slider in conference calls and video calls
  • improvement: Improved context menu of contact groups
  • improvement: Rename contact group right after creation
  • improvement: Address Book contacts are now updated after change in Address Book
  • improvement: context menus of Address Book contacts improved
  • improvement: File transfer notifing window improved
  • improvement: Added "Create New Group" menu item to the "Add to Group" submenu in the context menu of contact list
  • change: Growl removed from advanced prefs
  • change: Renamed 'Show Skype status in menu bar' to 'Show status in menu bar'and moved to General
  • bugfix: Skype did not install Address Book dialler on some instances
  • bugfix: Compatibility with Leopard OSX 10.5 firewall
  • bugfix: Removed 3 seconds delay after hanging up a video call
  • bugfix: When sending contacts to multiple users comma appeared between user
  • bugfix: Sound popup menu was not updated after removing custom sound
  • bugfix: Video calls were unstable on PowerPC computers
  • bugfix: Kick chat messages was displayed incorrectly
  • bugfix: Crash on quitting with Cmd+Q before user is signed in
  • bugfix: "About Skype" window did not close when the logo was clicked
  • bugfix: It was not possible to send voicemails after cancelling a voicemail recording right after it started
  • bugfix: Number of missed events were wrong sometimes after marking new voicemails
  • bugfix: Sometimes contact list was not fully visible or there was some white space inside the main window
  • bugfix: Sometimes echo123 was not added to the contact list for the new users signing in first time
  • bugfix: Skype crashed during processing transfer history for File Transfer window
  • bugfix: Sometimes Skype crashed when stopping video
  • bugfix: File Transfer didn't show correct file size during transfer
  • bugfix: Local video was not shown on some cases
  • bugfix: Search button in Find Contact was disabled
  • bugfix: It was possible to import duplicate phone numbers
  • bugfix: It was not possible to accept file transfer after Skype client re-start
  • bugfix: Multichat participants list was wrongly sorted
  • bugfix: There was no call window on receiver side, if caller hung up and called again very quickly
  • bugfix: If someone came online while renaming a contact the whole contact name got selected
  • bugfix: Contact groups were sometimes expanded automatically when internet connection status changed
  • bugfix: Busy signal kept playing while waiting for redial
  • bugfix: Chats did not open sometimes on Panther OSX 10.3.9
  • bugfix: Reseting language in edit profile window did not work
  • bugfix: Sometimes Skype played dual ringtones when making a SkypeOut call
  • bugfix: It was not possible to transfer call back to the person who transferred it to you
  • bugfix: Wrong chat was selected in drawer after closing all read
  • bugfix: When adding Address Book contact to Skype contact list some details were not added to contact list
  • bugfix: Sometimes Skype froze while loading contactlist right after sign-in
  • bugfix: Conference call view didn't transform back into single call view, when only one participant was left in the call
  • bugfix: Full screen video didn't clear when joining a conference call
  • bugfix: Long URL's were overdrawn in view profile window
  • bugfix: When already in a call, and 'automatically answer calls' selected - current call was placed on hold and incoming call was answered
  • bugfix: Cancel Sign In button didn't function properly
  • bugfix: Skype API: OPEN CHAT command didn't work
  • German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Norwegian, Italian, Czech localizations updated 4 December 2007 ? 13 February 2008 ? 15 May 2008
  • improvement: added NAT-PMP support
  • improvement: added uPnP support
  • improvement: added Authenticated Proxy support
  • bugfix: 3-4 second delay when hanging up video call
  • bugfix: sometimes Skype crashed when applying changes in Edit Profile window
  • bugfix: "Add to Contacts" command was not working for 1-on-1 chats in history view
  • bugfix: "Add to list" button was cut off in Start Conference and Add Users to Chat windows on Tiger
  • bugfix: Safari 3.1 (4525.13) chats time-name were getting cut off.
  • bugfix: Abnormal exit on declining two sent files.
  • bugfix: Add and remove buttons were cut off in Send Contacts window on Leopard
  • bugfix: Add to Contacts command didn't work in the context menu of the history list
  • bugfix: Address Book phone numbers with custom tags were not shown in Skype
  • bugfix: Call Transfer menu not updating when new contacts were added
  • bugfix: Chats were losing their topics
  • bugfix: crash/hangup on skype credit change when old SMS chats open for long time
  • bugfix: default call window height was too small
  • bugfix: do not add chats without activity timestamp to event history
  • bugfix: fix for delayed sms delivery notifications
  • bugfix: flag icons not showing in upper case
  • bugfix: Freeze with lots of Address Book contacts (>3000)
  • bugfix: history entries became blank when right-clicked on Leopard
  • bugfix: Improvements to audio sync
  • bugfix: it was not possible to use the context menus of conference call participants when the call was muted or on hold
  • bugfix: it was possible to change the value of sound level indicators in conference calls
  • bugfix: Leading 0 was removed when user tried to call to Italian landline number - they need leading 0
  • bugfix: missed events badge was missing from chat drawer after Skype restart
  • bugfix: outgoing calls that went to voicemail didn't have icons in the history view
  • bugfix: own voice level indicator was still moving when conference call was muted
  • bugfix: Skype crashed after "Delete all SMS Messages" was pressed
  • bugfix: sometimes Skype got stuck in the login process when Address Book integration was enabled
  • bugfix: sometimes window artifacts appeared when having two simultaneous calls
  • bugfix: Status does not reset correctly after screensaver triggers away if Set my status to Away when inactive for 0 minutes was set
  • bugfix: strange sound start happening on end of the call (Apple Bug ID# 5796436)
  • bugfix: when being signed in on at least two Macs and answering a call on one machine, then ringing didn't not stop on the second machine
  • bugfix: When chats are closed after draging them around, wrong chat gets activated
  • bugfix: when placing a call, then sometimes the word "Button" was briefly displayed instead of the phone number
  • bugfix: Word wrap in Public chat settings window
  • bugfix: Workaround for strange large number startTimestamp on some chats (preventing chat history links displaying)
  • bugfix: yellow alert were hiding chat topics quite often.
  • change: replaced SkypeIn with Online Number
  • change: increased minimum size of SkypeOut Caller Window
  • change: new User Registration Window: By default, eMail notifications checked
  • change: pop-up dialog to enable or disable Address Book integration
  • change: sometimes duration of some calls was displayed as 1193 hours in the call history
  • change: sound event for contact coming online is now off by default
  • Skype API: BTN_RELEASED NO clears quickfilter field now (previously removed the last character only) 9 April 2009 change: spectator window for screen sharing
  • change: My Account page embedded in the client
  • bugfix: Skype didn't hide on OS X login
  • bugfix: copy/paste from chats was not working correctly
  • bugfix: sometimes Skype froze for a couple of seconds when starting or stopping screen sharing
  • bugfix: screen sharing windows could be left on screen when a call was joined to a conference
  • bugfix: PiP didn't appear in full screen when receiving screen sharing
  • bugfix: the overlay didn't appear for fullscreen screen sharing and then the exit fullscreen button didn't work
  • bugfix: fullscreen mode would exit after a held call was resumed
  • bugfix: call could not be ended after being redirected to voicemail
  • bugfix: the call window layout was broken if the dialpad was shown during a video call
  • bugfix: URLs inside brackets were not clickable
  • bugfix: sometimes Skype crashed after deleting missed events without reading them
  • bugfix: sometimes Skype Access sessions were not terminated properly
  • bugfix: sometimes Skype Access session durations were not displayed accurately
  • bugfix: sometimes extending a Skype Access session didn't work as expected
  • bugfix: after signing in as another user, it was not possible to start a Skype Access session
  • bugfix: it was possible to start a new Skype Access session before previous one had finished
  • bugfix: Start Skype Access menu item was disabled when not signed in
  • bugfix: Skype Access session appeared in red after extending the session
  • bugfix: sometimes there were two controversial messages about Skype Access availability
  • bugfix: sometimes Skype crashed when leaving a chat
  • bugfix: history was not picking up display names from Address Book for text messages
  • bugfix: text on screen sharing selection buttons was misaligned on Tiger
  • bugfix: warning icon was not removed after extending online number
  • bugfix: after auto-recharge, balance pane had space on the right
  • bugfix: fixed enabling of Quick Add button in text-only toolbar mode
  • bugfix: sometimes (null) was added as a SkypeOut display name instead of the one specified
  • bugfix: ESC key now closes emoticon roster as it should
  • bugfix: fixed text positioning on Tiger for screen sharing selection window buttons
  • bugfix: if remote contact cancels a file transfer then sometimes it still appeared as pending on the receiver side
  • bugfix: do not set to status to away during screensaver when auto away is set to 0 minutes
  • bugfix: the PiP video could draw over Mute/Hold/Transfer overlays
  • bugfix: fixed video toolbar button enabling for the case where there is no camera or video is disabled
  • bugfix: fullscreen button and PiP views did not appear on Panther and Tiger if "keep call windows in front" option was turned on
  • bugfix: fullscreen view was not displayed correctly when entering full screen from the screen sharing spectator window
  • bugfix: multiple call windows were left open when calls failed
  • bugfix: call overlay window could appear without the call window if the call window was minimised while the other party was starting video
  • bugfix: fixed window resizing issues when the other party was starting and stopping video which occurred because the wrong window sizes were being stored in defaults
  • bugfix: call window would resize incorrectly when the call was put on hold then resumed
  • bugfix: the call window's fullscreen button could end up in the wrong position when exiting full screen while receiving screen sharing
  • bugfix: call window resizes when entering and exiting full screen mode while receiving screen sharing
  • bugfix: emoticon button rendered before the chat window
  • bugfix: fixed double free error when exiting fullscreen using the escape key
  • bugfix: fixed crash on chat close because overlay window was being double deallocated
  • bugfix: fixed incorrect call window layout which sometimes occurred if the connection was dropped
  • bugfix: window did not resize correctly when showing the dialpad (it could extend offscreen) if the computer had multiple displays
  • bugfix: dialpad was not shown when exiting full screen
  • bugfix: fixed bad volume slider layout in call window which could occur when answering a video call during an existing video call
  • bugfix: fixed exception being thrown because emoticon button was observing a dealloced chat
  • bugfix: fixed Quick Add window positioning when item was not first in the toolbar
  • bugfix: the Quick Add toolbar item appears pressed in all chat windows
  • bugfix: the dialpad could expand partially offscreen when it was shown, by moving the call window fully onscreen after the dialpad is shown
  • bugfix: the call window layout was broken if the toolbar was shown or hidden during a video call
  • bugfix: when assigning multiple contacts to groups screen refreshing was very slow
  • bugfix: adjusted layout of Quick Add window and make sure it doesn't run under the Dock when it's on the left or right
  • bugfix: added limits to the maximum width of the slider in the call window
  • bugfix: removed a small visual glitch after reducing size of contact list
  • bugfix: fixed small problem with rendering flags in chat
  • bugfix: after restart, second chat window didn't remember its size and position
  • bugfix: prevent the user from calling their own online number
  • bugfix: chat window was not closed after database mount error
  • improvement: added Retry button to the Skype Access window
  • improvement: consistency with other Mac apps: added shortcut for Show Offline Contacts, moved Make Text commands to View menu, use Clear instead of *Delete wording
  • improvement: improved enabling of the video and screensharing buttons based on the receiver's capabilities
  • improvement: improved toolbar button image rendering
  • improvement: improved new chat handling
  • improvement: some string adjustments
  • improvement: some internal optimizations and improvements
  • localizations updated
  • Skype API: implemented get skypeversion
  • Skype API: implemented: get chat x dialog_partner
  • Skype API: open options command only accepted uppercase properties
  • Skype API: implemented ping

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Modified:Sep 25th 2012
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There is no such thing as time
Posted by Bling King


     Upon further ponderance I have come to the conclusion that time does not exist except in the law of physics. I have come to this conclusion through the observation of how things change and why they change at the pace in which they change. To me it seems that every change that takes place  in the universe is not dictated by time but rather physics. It is the law of physics that dictates the rate and speed at which all things change. For example if you have a car  that is traveling at 100 miles an hour the speed at  which the car travels is all dictated by physical changes and therfor controlled by the law of physics..Therfor it seems that for any change to take place all you need is physics and the law of physics that governs the physical changes. Time does not need be a factor and bears no relavance. As long as we have the law of physics everything will happen in accordance with those laws.

The composition of time
Posted by Bling King


    Time has 3 components. A front a middle and a rear. In the front time has what appears to be something of perspectual perspectualness that will move things forward at a set forth proponent. This part of time is easy to see and witness. However it is not easy to predict at which point time will make forward momentum happen. It would seem that this forward momentum is always in inactment but I would disagree with this. To me it seems more as if time interacts with things on its own accord leaving somethings unchanged for long standing periods of time. An example of this would be how time occasionally interacts with the speed of light. The speed of light remains constant but occasionally time will manifest itself into the equation and make modifications of the speed that light travels. For instance light will move forward forthwittingly at a billion miles a second but if it encounters any kind of resistance then time will inject itself and change the speed at which it was moving. Which leads me to the assumption that in order for time to inject itself into any equation a proponent has to take place that makes a physical change that would cause time to interject itself. If no physical change takes place than time has also not been a factor.

    The middle proponent of time is the area in which time is manipulating  the change that takes...Read More

👄What turns me on
Posted by Bling King

    I get turned on by some funny stuff. I'm not really into like full blown kinkiness or at least I wouldn't consider myself to be a kinky person but I do have a few fetishes. Some of them are a little out of the ordinary. For instance I have this one fetish about being tied up  and thrown in the ocean and then rescued by a mermaid. I think this fantasy comes from when I was a kid and I used to dream of mermaids and always wanted to meet one. Well one day its gonna happen. Now don't go telling me mermaids don't exist. You don't know cause they are in fact real and as soon as I meet one I will prove it to you. As far as some of my other turn ons  I guess what really gets me excited is people who  tell other people to shut the fuck up. I love when a woman just looks at a man and tells him to shut his mouth. To me thats a big turn on because the woman seems assertive like a dominatrix or something. If she will be assertive in a conversation she will be assertive in the bedroom or so I  would like to believe.

Time is a dialectable derelict
Posted by Bling King

To fathom the fortrighteousness of time one has to contemplate the personification of forthwittial forthwittil. Time forthwittingly will only listen to the commands of its on inner personification to which there is no directional direction or so it would seem but on further inquisitories I have come to realize that there is a forthwittingly forthwittal of which time has pronounced and those commands seem to speak to the nature of to which time corresponds. To review these pronouncements for your own bemusement look at time as if you had it captured it  in a bottle. What would happen? We know on the inside of the bottle time would force the inner workings of the bottle to correspond to times diabolical commands. Causing everything to change to times everlescent rules. however on the outside of the bottle things would not change, everything would stay in constant neutrality or would it? The question remains if there was no time would things still be allowed to happen and if so at what pace and what would dictate the pace at which things would change. There seems to be no rule in place for the dictation of the pace change which takes place. So it would seem that time has decided that factor somehow within itself. There could be a correlation at which things change and the pace being dictated by physics and the amount the physical world can be allowed to change within its own accord of set boundaries. To actually find...Read More

Free from time constraints
Posted by Bling King




There was a time when time did not matter. The thing that was an utmost relevance now was of no matter. The diffrence it made seemed miniscule and now it is constantly dictating everything that takes place before me. What is this thing that controls and makes everything manifest itself to its constraints and why and how does it do this. Time is nothing but the utmost miracle before us. Something that has always had to exist for anything ever to take place. There is no changing its course there is no variance in its absolute everlasting existance. To control time would be the utmost  crown jewel of all accomplishments if indeed it could ever be controlled. The only way I ever see time being manipulated to change its values is to speed up everything that time has interacted with. In order to do such a thing you would have to understand the nature of the objects in question and how they are effected by time. For instance a speeding car will slow down in time without constant force being distrubuted by the engine. To slow down the car one only has to take their foot off the accelarator and gradually time will do the rest but if you could freeze time at the speed at which the car was traveling then time would not  exist because the...Read More

the truth about time
Posted by Bling King

        I have looked at time many times and I have noticed a few components. There is a precise proponent that ushers in a manifestation. Whenever something new is going to happen you can look at that event which is about to take place and precisely predict exactly when it has started. Once you realize a manifestation has taken place you can precisely predict its out come. If you know that a manifestation has started to take place then you will know you are being guided through the realm precisely by the forces of an enlightenment. Throughout time this manifestation will remain constant starting with a beginning and an end and ending in a preconcieved enlightenment. Sometimes an enlightenment can take weeks and some times an enlightenment can take centuries. It depends on how many times that enlightenment has been benounced to the realm. 


Posted by Bling King

I suspect a suffcient of sufficence of suffiacantel suffiance of suffiance of absurdity of absurdanace. In all actual actuality there is an  actual actuality of actualityness in retrospect to the retorospective respect in which every person who has an intellectual intellect can see that the world is a prominance of prominance in which the order will reside as long as the order is maintained. Once that order is relinquished chaos will ensue. For chaos to be a calamity there only needs to be a perspectual perspective of perspectance that escalates the chaos to that height. What would cause that is a person or persons in the realm of the realmatical realmatics looking beyond thier own existance to the existance of there forfathers to see what has become of thier existance. If you look at your own existance for what it is you will see that it is neither logical nor illogical for it makes all the sense of a sensimatical sensematic. As long as you have a reason for your own existance then it is fruitful for you to exist. Once that reason or reasons are gone you will no longer care whether it is you live or die. In the realm in which we live is a prospectus prospectant of prospectantin which all will ensue. To change the prospectus prospectus you need to look to the realm and see what the prospectus prospectant is and manifest it to your own liking. My...Read More

The conclusive conclusion
Posted by Bling King

In all actual reality the realm is manifested of certain procedural procedures that come forth frequently to forthrightous forthrightenous. In the place of predicament I have found that I can properly place things in the procedural sequence unbenowst to people of the realm. In order to conflict the conflictions you have to equate the equation of equationalness in to proper equations. Very simple but also very tedious. You do this by equating the equation into percise preciseness. An example of an equation would be a placement of perdicament of a certain event in which you wish it to be. The next manifestation I could manifest is a manifestual manifestation of manifests of a sequance of certainal circumstances. Put together a sequence by asking the sequence in order to manifest itself and then tell the manifestations to happen in frequence in which they will unfold.

The Unattainable future
Posted by Bling King

     If the future is a grain of sand and its falling through an hour glass nothing in the world can stop it. It will eniquivaocalby blind as to where its going when it comes to its rest it has befallen its fate and will remain where it lay for an eternity knowing nothing about itself or it's surroundings. I am that grain of sand. Nothing ever can change my destiny for only time here makes a diffrence.. To benounce the future is the only way to change ones fortune. The time it takes to make an equivical change remains the utmost mystery of the universe.

🤯In the eyes of myself
Posted by Bling King



There where three men. All who seemed frightened. They stood on the edge of the canyon looking on as a fourth man tumbled to his death. We could have saved him said one of the men. He should have saved himself said another. The third man just look at them bewildered and brought a handgun to his own head and pulled the trigger. Blood spattered. The two men watched as he slumped to the ground. The first man screamed and the second threw himself to the side of the man on the ground. Why?!! he screamed. It was the only sound heard. Sobbing he looked at the man standing and said you did this! You and your frigging righteous speech about the lives we leave and the sacrifice we must make. Your the devil. I am not the devil said the standing man only the truth. The truth about what? The other man screamed. Your life he said and he jumped.

The man heard a ringing and he sat up slowly. It was over the dream but his thoughts where still on the side of the canyon. How did this happen. How did it all just fade away? The dream came and went in an instant leaving his mind boggled and his eyes heavy. I knew I was there thought the man but how? It was all to familiar the...Read More

The story Elijah and Ellen
Posted by Bling King

The story of Elijah and Ellan. This is the story of Elijah and Ellan. Ellan is a beutiful temptress and Elijah is a dutiful servant of Ellan's. Together the pair fell in love and soon became a duo of in excessible excession. They frolicked in the sun under the rare occurance of rain they took shelter in the arms of each other. One day while hiding from the glares of the sun under an oak tree that provided an abundance of shade they looked into each others souls and realized there where no people suited for each other then the two of them where suited for each other. They basked in the notion that they where the most two compatible souls on the planet. As they where thinking this a giant unforseen acclamaited acclamation occurred. The planet began to tremble and shake beneath them and the stars came out. The sun hid amongst the clouds and everything from start to finish began to take shape. There where huge explosions and giant surges of wind and rain. The two began to run for their shelter knowing at the exact moment the trembling and violent agressions of unacclaimated weather started that they most likely wouldn't make it to see another sunrise. The planet was exploding with molten lava and the tempertures where unbearable as for the two of them could remember they had never seen a winter climate and didn't expect they ever would. The planet had been warming out of...Read More

today was a day of dismal despair
Posted by Bling King

Things have gone down hill drastically now for a very long time. We seem to be some what defeated but yet i know we still have some power and prominance. We are fighting an up hill battle and there is no way forward from here from what i can see. We are trudging along a path that goes nowhere.

⚔️The Greatest Warrior of All Time
Posted by Bling King



Today i conquered and beat all adverseries there where to beat. Tomorrow new adversaries will arise. I will be ready, there is never a shortage of enemies who wish to dethrone me from the top of the world. I didn't get here by being passive and yeilding to the oppostion. I got here by defeating them both mentally and physically and in entiriety.

In a time of desilute despair
Posted by Bling King

     There was a time when I was in desilute despair. The only thing I had was me myself and I to fall back on. I looked at the person who was my opponent and I knew one of  us was going to die and I was going to do everytrhing I could to make dam sure it wasn't me. I pulled my six shooter from its holster and aimed at the guy looking at me  about 30 yards away. He also went for his gun and in lightning speed he was laid sprawled out on the dirt bleeding and moaning. I had heard a shot but new that it had come from my own gun. He never even got a shot off. I was unscathed and again undeafeted. Anybody who ever tried to kill me was dead and their where over 30 who had tried and failed to kill yours truly.

Posted by Bling King

Gravity is the force of nature that pulls cellestrial bodies toward one another. The cause of gravity is the enertia of a bodies movement through space and time. This happens by an object preconcievably traveling through the cosmos at an alarming rate of acceleration. The faster an object travels the more enertia it will build up and then will therefore have a greater ability to move. the more it moves the more other objects will cling to it. the way this can be proved is by taking an object and hurtling it towards another object the two objects would collide do to the enertia pulling them towards each other. Thy would not stay on their current trajectory but their paths would alter towards one another in a greater force than their initial gravitational pull. the best test to accomodate this theory would be tow baseballs flying through the air at speeds over one hundred miles an hour. The baseballs would not interject themselves with one another normally but at this speed would do so do to the balls enertia pulling them towards one another.



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