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Built from the ground up for social to power vibrant communities, the Ning platform, provides all the tools and expertise you need -- to make your community work for you in a matter of minutes.

Using Ning has allowed us to build out a super robust system that has helped Linkin Park create one of the biggest fan communities anywhere on the Internet. Aaron Ray, The Collective (LinkinPark.com)
Linkin Park

How does Linkin Park use Ning?

By having a social website dedicated to their fans, Linkin Park turns fandom into friendship, building an ever-growing audience base for upcoming albums and concerts. Ning makes it easy to transform social traffic into fan loyalty.

  • Mobile App Connect with fans wherever they are
  • Blog Create rich content to keep fans engaged
  • Branded Video Player Showcase upcoming releases and tours
  • Third Party Integration Integrate with popular apps including SoundCloud & Topspin
  • 50+ Million Albums Sold

    Albums sold worldwide

  • #8 Ranks on Billboard

    Rank reached on Billboard Social

  • 970+ Groups Generated

    Groups generated and maintained by fans

Ning's impact on education has been profound, showing the potential educational networking has to transform professional learning. Steve Hargadon, Classroom 2.0
Classroom 2.0

How does Classroom 2.0 use Ning?

Classroom 2.0 is a virtual faculty lounge for educators. Members can discover how new technologies are being used in classrooms, join groups for deeper dialogues on specific topics and network with like-minded teachers.

  • Forums Provide the podium to explore, share, and discuss
  • Photo Gallery Bring educational projects to life
  • YouTube Integration Provide a seamless, rich media experience
  • Social Sign-In Make sign-in easy for members with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo!
  • 1st Runner Up

    Runner up for Best Webinar Series, 2010 Edublog Awards

  • 216 Countries

    Countries represented by a diverse group of educators

  • 700 Groups

    Groups for topics ranging from mobile learning to cyber security

Our customers love the Kreg Jig Owners Community. It's the best place for people passionate about our tools to meet and learn from each other. Derek Balsley, Kreg Jig Owners Community
Kreg Jig

How does Kreg Jig use Ning?

By creating a community for Kreg Jig® owners, the company is building a relationship with passionate customers. Having one central home for resources, sneak previews of new products and success stories ignites brand loyalty and inspires a deeper connection with the brand.

  • Photo Gallery Customers share visual stories of project success
  • Forum Discuss project ideas and tips and tricks
  • Videos Feature "How To" videos to inspire creativity
  • Social Media Integration Integrate with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • 31,400 Members

    Brand champions in a loyal community

  • 10,000+ Photos

    Photos of finished projects uploaded

  • 10,000+ Forums

    Forums active discussion forums created by members

Ning is revolutionizing the way current and returned Peace Corps volunteers connect online and organize community efforts. Molly Mattessich, Community for the National Peace Corps Association
Peace Corps

How does the National Peace Corps Association use Ning?

The National Peace Corps Association uses Ning to foster collaboration among volunteers across the globe. Uniting its community in one place, the NPCA connects current volunteers with past volunteers and enables members to exchange ideas.

  • Connections Find people and projects around the world
  • Social Good Identify groups where member contributions can continue through community participation
  • Advice Learn from past volunteers and mentor future leaders
  • News Keep volunteers updated with the latest from the national organization
  • 4th

    Most popular source of traffic to NPCA's main website

  • 23,000+ Members

    Grew member base from zero to 10,000 in 3 months

  • 2x More Activity

    More activity, compared to the NPCA Facebook Page

Shred or Die

How does Shred or Die use Ning?

Shred or Die has become the destination for extreme sports fans, spreading enthusiasm to the masses while maintaining authenticity with die-hard fans. With Ning, it brings together the best combination of rich media functionality and social features to create an enduring experience.

  • Video Player Broadcast original shows
  • Social Integration Spread the word with Twitter and Facebook
  • User voting Fans in the community
  • Revenue streams Interactive advertising and sponsorships
  • 12,000+ Videos

    Videos uploaded

  • 7 Original Shows

    Original shows featured

  • 24,000+ Members

    Vibrant community of fans

I’m thrilled with the overwhelming fan response and support for our Ning community. Jeb Gutelius, Amplifying Education
Amplifying Education

How does Dispatch use Ning?

Boston-based band Dispatch connects music and motivation via their philanthropic branch, Amplifying Education. Ning provides the building blocks for creating a campaign destination to inspire grassroots support, fundraise and mobilize action.

  • Donation app Fundraise in just a few clicks
  • Groups Organize local action by region
  • Photos and videos Dynamically show the impact of service projects
  • Amplify Online Action Share online actions through Facebook and Twitter
  • $17,613 Raised

    Raised for City Year & Teach for America in 1 month

  • 6,238 Books Collected

    Books collected to support New Orleans libraries

  • $233k Raised

    Fan-volunteers participating in 2,933 hours for local service projects

Ning's scalable platform and versatile API helped make our ambitious media project ideas into a reality. Kyle Ruddick, One Day on Earth
One Day On Earth

How does One Day on Earth use Ning?

One Day on Earth was an ambitious film project with the goal of documenting the world’s story over the course of one day. Ning enables an international community of filmmakers, non-profits, students and inspired citizens to contribute to this unique global mosaic.

  • Activity Feed Spotlight latest community content and news
  • Groups Enable members within close proximity to collaborate locally
  • Open Platform Easily integrate with Vimeo and geo-tagged maps
  • Member Profiles Give credit to behind-the-scenes contributors
  • 10,000+ Videos

    Videos submitted from around the world

  • 16,500 Members

    Active community members

  • 60+ Partnerships

    Partnerships with global non-profits

Ning allows people like me do what I’m doing for next to nothing. If it weren't for Ning, No Depression wouldn't exist. Kyla Fairchild, No Depression
No Depression

How does No Depression use Ning?

After ceasing print publishing operations in 2008, No Depression used Ning to launch a community-based online magazine. Bloggers, photographers, artists and fans around the world are invited to give voice to the roots music community.

  • Revenue Generation Reduce operating costs, seamlessly integrate advertising and run third-party donation app
  • Custom Music Player Members upload and share the music they love
  • Photo Gallery Capture the excitement from music festivals and live concerts
  • Social Integration Maximize exposure with Twitter and Facebook
  • 145,000 Visits

    Visits per month (and growing)

  • 9,200 Videos

    Music videos uploaded

  • 7,400 Blog Posts

    Blog posts contributed

Ning makes it easy for our neighbors to come together and make positive changes in the community. Joseph Porcelli, Neighbors for Neighbors
Neighbors for Neighbors

How does Neighbors For Neighbors use Ning?

Local Boston resident Joseph Porcelli created this Ning community with one goal in mind: bring back the true meaning of "neighborhood." Neighbors can easily put names to faces, collaborate as one community and rally grassroots support for crime-prevention initiatives.

  • Groups Unite neighbors who share common interests
  • Events Calendar Showcase the latest local happenings
  • Discussion Forum Allow members to broadcast and collaborate
  • Blog Curate and present important citywide content
  • 200+ Social Services

    Social service and activity groups created

  • 19 Locations

    Snow-buried locations shoveled by volunteers

  • 10,000+ Members

    People getting to know their neighbors better

Ning helps GovLoop become a hub for the government community where we work together to improve government. Steve Ressler, GovLoop

How does GovLoop use Ning?

Govloop connects employees across federal, state, and local governments. By creating a central hub where active members of the government community collaborate, Govloop has become an incubator for new ideas and an ever-growing best practice repository.

  • Engagement System Automatically identify and showcase popular members and content
  • Member Database Collect emails and demographic information for daily newsletters
  • Blogs, Forums & Groups Enable in-depth conversation on specific topics
  • Live Chat Host author sessions including luminaries like Guy Kawasaki
  • 50,000+ Members

    Members attained in just 2 years

  • 159 Countries

    Countries with government employees represented

  • 13,000 Blog Posts

    Blogs posted by engaged members

Ning has empowered us with the means to help touch the lives of millions of people in the world. Manny Hernandez, TuDiabetes.org and EsTuDiabetes.org

How does TuDiabetes use Ning?

TuDiabetes empowers the diabetic community and their caregivers, regardless of ethnicity. Through Ning, community members can get educated, exchange ideas and learn how to thrive in the face of this disease.

  • Forums Members share healthy diets, exercise plans and seek advice
  • Member Database Community email list for monthly newsletter
  • Groups Emotional and medical support for patients with similar backgrounds
  • Custom Mobile App Reach members who are constantly on the go
  • 350,000 People Reached

    People reached and supported in a single year

  • 8 International Programs

    International program sponsorships received from pharmaceuticals and non-profits

  • $500k Sponsorship Support

    Sponsorship support received from pharmaceutical companies and non-profits

With Ning, HerFuture empowers women by connecting mentors and members in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Gabrielle Bernstein, HerFuture
Her Future

How does HerFuture use Ning?

Best selling author and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein created the HerFuture community as a natural extension of her books to support women. By creating this digital center on Ning, HerFuture has become the place where women help women.

  • Privacy Settings Ensure a safe and secure environment
  • Built-in Ustream Integration Broadcast live videos
  • Groups Connect with women around topics that ignite passion in them
  • Social Media Twitter integration to relay the power of the community to the social sphere
  • 240+ Groups

    Groups for women from all ages to connect

  • 10,000 Members

    Women brought together through Her Future

  • 3,100 Blog Posts

    Motivational blog posts from this supportive community


Create A Social Network for Your Community With Ning


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