How to Watch UFC on PS4 – UFC 242: Khabib vs Poirier

UFC 242 will feature the Lightweight title fight between Khabib vs Poirier as the main event. The PPV event is set to take place at The Arena in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi on September 7, 2019. If you are one of those who likes to stream UFC on PS4, then consider yourself lucky with this easy guide on how you can watch UFC on PS4 easily.


How to Watch UFC on PS4 Online?
UFC 242, like any other UFC event, will be a PPV event and will only be available to stream either by purchasing UFC PPV or by subscribing to many of the UFC online broadcasting channels. When it comes to free stream UFC live, it may be difficult but not impossible to find one. And luckily for you, we are here to help you find the best one.

You can watch UFC 242 online on Match TV. But wait! You wouldn’t be able to stream the fight on MatchTV until or unless you have a VPN. Why? is a Russian streaming service and only accessible in Russia. This means that in order to stream the fight on, you will need a VPN to switch your IP with a Russian IP and appear as if you are in Russia.

So if you have a PS4 and you want to access MatchTV streaming from anywhere, use this simple guide to stream UFC on PS4 without any issues:

Subscribe to FastestVPN.
Configure FastestVPN via a router (connect with Russian Server address)
Connect your PS4 to the router
Launch your PS4 Internet browser and visit live stream for UFC 242
Enjoy UFC on PS4 online without any hassle!