List of bus routes in Suffolk County, New York

List of bus routes in Suffolk County, New York

LIRR station
LIRR station
LIRR station
LIRR station
LIRR station
New York State Route 109, New York State Route 110 Cut sometime between 1986 and 1989  
S74 Lake Grove
Smith Haven Mall
Smith Point County Park Middle Country Road, William Floyd Parkway Cut in 1998 due to budget problems and low ridership.
S?? Port Jefferson Station
Port Jefferson Shopping Plaza
Lake Grove
Smith Haven Mall
New York State Route 25A, Lake Avenue Operated Via St. James (LIRR station), Stony Brook Village, and Stony Brook (LIRR station), Replaced by current S60 sometime after County took over bus operations.

1A to 10E

Route Terminals Major streets traveled History Notes
[32] Amityville Loop Dixon Avenue, Great Neck Road, Albany Avenue    
[32] Copiague Lindenhurst Great Neck Road, Strong Avenue, Montauk Highway    
[33] Wyandanch Westfield South Shore Colonial Springs Road, Nicolls Road, Udall Road    
[34] SUNY Farmingdale Bay Shore Colonial Springs Road, Bay Shore Road, Route 27    
[35] Westfield South Shore Hauppauge Manatuck Boulevard, Washington Avenue, Moreland Road    
[35] Gardner Manor Plaza Hauppauge Sunrise Highway, Broadway, Fulton Street    
[36] Central Islip Westfield South Shore Route 27A, Connetquot Avenue    
[37] Brentwood Stony Brook Suffolk Avenue, Nichols Road, Nesconset Highway    
[38] Port Jefferson Middle Island North Country Road, Route 25A, Randall Road    
[39] Ronkonkoma Coram Hawkins Avenue, Portion Road, Mooney Pond Road    
[39] Selden Smith Haven Mall Middle County Road, Marktree Road, Hawkins Road    
[40] Patchogue Ronkonkoma Union Avenue, Main Street, Patchogue-Holbrook Road, South Ocean Avenue, North Ocean Avenue Travels along the old Main Line of the Suffolk Traction Company which went from the Patchouge Railroad Station to Holtsville by way of South Ocean Avenue, North Ocean Avenue, and Traction Boulevard  
[40] Medford Patchogue-Yaphank Road, Hospital Road, Horseblock Road    
[41] North Shirley Loop Moriches-Middle Island Road, Titmus Drive, Patchogue Avenue, West End Avenue    
[41] Mastic Beach Shirley William Floyd Parkway, Neighborhood Road, Mastic Road   Seasonal Spur to Smith Point County Park
[42] Suffolk Community College East Calverton Riverehad-Moriches Road, East Main Street, Doctor's Path, Osborn Avenue, West Main Street    
[43] Southampton North Haven County Road 80, North Sea Road, Noyac Road    
[43] East Hampton Bridgehampton Montauk Highway, Three Mile Harbor Road, Springs-Fireplace Road    
[44] Montauk Montauk Highway, Old Montauk Highway  
[45] Hampton Bays East Quogue Head of Lots Road, Tiana Road, Montauk Highway   Weekday service only.
[45] Hampton Bays Loop Springville Road, Wakeman Road, Newton Road, Squiretown Road, Ponquogue Avenue   Weekday service only.

Former Routes

Route Terminals Notes
1C[46] Amityville Copiague Cut in 1991 due to budget problems and low ridership
9A[46] Mattituck Orient Point Cut in 1991 due to budget problems and low ridership.

Huntington Area Rapid Transit (HART)

Route Terminals Streets traveled
South Huntington
Walt Whitman Shops
NY 25, Elwood Rd, 5th Av, Larkfield Rd, Laurel Rd,
Scudder Av, Main St,
NY 25A, Middleville Rd

Former Routes

Patchogue Bus

These routes run local within the town of Patchogue on weekdays only.

Route Major streets traveled
[51] Rider Avenue, Smith Street, South Ocean Avenue, Gilbert Street, Cedar Avenue, Laurel Street
[51] River Avenue and Vicinity
[51] West Main Street
[51] North Ocean Avenue, Roe Boulevard West, Waverly Avenue, Sunwave Plaza


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