Is there a way to edit videos faster?

Is there a way to edit videos faster?



  • Probably you can give a try to this amazing MixaPixa to trim and merge videos online I like the most.

    You see, it is an all-around useful tool both in the professional scope and for amateur users who want

    to achieve quality video editing since it offers a user-friendly interface suitable for all audiences.

    It stands out for offering a fully customizable multitrack editing system with an interface focused on the user experience. Plus this online video trimmer works with all popular formats like AVI, MP4, VOB, MPG, MOV and more.

  • If you use Premiere Pro or FCP or whichever software, you know it can be tedious to continuously use your mouse, click on a tool, make the changes, click on the select tool again and continue. Although it may seem short, such actions are the basis of editing and this extra time can build up and cause a lot of time to be wasted doing what could have been done in a couple seconds. Shortcuts are super practical, easy to remember, and speed up the editing process significantly. I’d highly recommend spending an hour or so learning the shortcuts you need and practicing them so that you are familiar.

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