The year of the backup quarterback in the NFL is, quite likely, going to make life difficult for a number of veteran passers come 2020. Already within the agent community there is some fretting going on about the upcoming quarterback market, where there will almost certainly be an overabundance of supply and insufficient demand.
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And even if you only hung around Econ 101 long enough to get a syllabus you know what that means: deflating price tags for the most important position in all of professional team sports. Mind you, this has nothing to do with young guns like Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott, who will cash in one way or another (even if it means a franchise tag for Prescott should his representatives not take the bird in hand, as I would have back in August). Those guys will continue to have soaring salaries.

But for anyone not in that tier, it could be slim pickings come March.

Marcus Mariota's been benched and Jameis Winston just had a five-INT game, so what does their future look like? Brady Quinn and Ryan Wilson joined Will Brinson to break everything down on the latest episode of the Pick Six Podcast. Listen to the full show below and be sure to subscribe right here. 

Consider how many teams have invested a first-round pick on quarterbacks in the past four years -- 14 in all, nearly half the league -- and how many of them have panned out, with many of them already securing hefty extensions. Then consider how many teams have found potential hidden gems this season due to the rash of injuries to starters, or had a young veteran boost his free agent stock (Jacksonville, New Orleans, Carolina, potentially Pittsburgh). Then consider all of the teams that are plenty comfortable with their current starter who is years from free agency. And also keep in mind that there will likely be at least four quarterbacks taken in the first round this season, with several of them starting right away.

Yeah, all of a sudden it's easy to foresee a musical-chairs scenario with not enough decent-paying seats out there for QBs -- especially when guys like Gardner Minshew and Kyle Allen are showing they belong on the field, and with Jacoby Brissett shining. The heady days of Brock Osweiler getting $32 million guaranteed because he had two functional arms, and Nick Foles getting $50 million fully guaranteed because, well, the Jags I suppose didn't realize they were bidding against themselves, are over, folks.