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Chelsea Clinton

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Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton speaking during a campaign stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 2008
Born Chelsea Victoria Clinton
February 27, 1980 (age 31)
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Alma mater Stanford University (B.A.)
University of Oxford (M.Phil.)
Columbia University (M.P.H.)
Religion United Methodist[1]
Spouse Marc Mezvinsky (m. 2010–present)
Parents Bill Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Relatives Grandparents: William Jefferson Blythe, Jr. (deceased)
Virginia Clinton Kelley (deceased)
Hugh E. Rodham (deceased)
Dorothy Howell Rodham

Chelsea Victoria Clinton (born February 27, 1980) is the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas during her father's first term as Governor of Arkansas. She attended public schools there until her father's election to the Presidency of the United States at which time she attended and graduated from the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. She continued her undergraduate education at Stanford University and earned master's degrees from University College, Oxford, and Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University. She worked for Avenue Capital Group, and serves on the board of the School of American Ballet.

Between December 2007 and the end of the 2008 primaries, she campaigned extensively across the country, appearing mostly on college campuses, for her mother's ultimately unsuccessful Democratic presidential nomination bid and introduced her mother at the August 2008 Democratic National Convention.

On July 31, 2010, Clinton married investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in Rhinebeck, New York.



[edit] Early years

Chelsea Victoria Clinton was born three weeks early on February 27, 1980 in Little Rock, Arkansas to Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary described the birth of her daughter as "the most miraculous and awe-inspiring event in my life". As his wife recovered, Bill Clinton took Chelsea for father-daughter "bonding" walks about the hospital singing to her, rocking her, and showing her off. Chelsea was their first and only child, and the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents. Bill's mother happily did "a lot of baby-sitting" as did the Rodhams when they visited. At the age of two, Chelsea accompanied her parents as they campaigned by car throughout Arkansas for the gubernatorial office.[2]

Hillary has written that Chelsea's name was inspired by a visit to the Chelsea section of London during a Christmas 1978 vacation. She said that upon hearing the 1969 Judy Collins version of the Joni Mitchell song, "Chelsea Morning", Bill remarked, "If we ever have a daughter, her name should be Chelsea."[2][3][4]

Chelsea attended Forest Park Elementary School, Booker Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School, and Horace Mann Junior High School, which are public schools in Little Rock.[5] She skipped the third grade.[6]

[edit] White House years

White House portrait of the Clinton family (unknown date)

Twelve-year-old Chelsea was given the Secret Service codename "Energy" when she moved into the White House with her parents on January 20, 1993, the day of her father's first inauguration.[7] The Clintons wanted their daughter to grow up as normally as possible given their circumstances, and, to that end, hoped to shield her from the media spotlight.[8] Hillary followed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' advice on raising children in the White House, and asked the press to limit coverage of Chelsea to her participation in public events such as state visits.[3] The Clintons were supported by Margaret Truman who wrote a Letter to the Editor of The New York Times in March 1993 about the damage that could be done if the press made Chelsea a subject of intense coverage. The press complied, but, in 1997, media speculation on Chelsea's choice of college followed her high school graduation, receiving her greatest press in the Fall when she entered Stanford University. In sum, Chelsea received 32 stories in The New York Times and 87 network news stories during her father's two terms of office (1993–2001). Of all presidential children, Chelsea has received the most television coverage.[9]

The Clintons' decision to send Chelsea to Sidwell Friends, a private school in Washington, D.C.,[8] provoked questions but her father told the Associated Press in May 1993 that the decision had been made because Chelsea did not like "getting a lot of publicity" and would have "more control over her destiny". Her mother argued that "if [Chelsea] were to go to a public school, the press would never leave her alone." The criterion affecting their decision was privacy, not quality of education.[10] The school and its students remained silent regarding Chelsea, declining to discuss her publicly and thereby giving her the privacy the First Family sought for her.[8] Chelsea graduated from Sidwell in 1997; her father spoke at the graduation ceremony.[11]

The matter of Chelsea's privacy was debated in the press, and most media outlets concluded that she should be off-limits due to her age.[8] But when Clinton was 13 her appearance became a matter of ridicule for some satirists and commentators, including comments by Rush Limbaugh[8] and the comedy writers of Saturday Night Live.[12] In 1995, freelance writer Tom Gogola released a tape of songs purportedly recorded by Clinton which commented upon notable people and included lyrics like "let's inhale"; the tape proved to be a hoax. Gogola defended the tape, saying "None of it had to do with being mean to Chelsea. Satire is satire".[8] During this phase of Chelsea's life, her father said, "We really work hard on making sure that Chelsea doesn't let other people define her sense of her own self worth... It's tough when you are an adolescent... [b]ut I think she'll be OK."[13]

Though her father is a Southern Baptist, Chelsea has been raised in her mother's Methodist faith. She attended Foundry United Methodist Church on 16th Street, NW in Washington and met with other teens on Sunday mornings to examine questions of faith and philosophy, and teen concerns such as dating, parents, and friendship. Her parents joined her at the church's parent-teen round tables. An adult group leader thought Chelsea "a terrific kid" and observed she was treated as an equal in the group. Away from church, Chelsea's social activities included visits to a Planet Hollywood restaurant with friends and sleep-overs in and out of the White House. President Clinton sometimes joined Chelsea and her sleep-over friends for breakfast.[8]

Clinton began dance classes at four years of age in Arkansas,[14] and was a student at the Washington School of Ballet for several years.[8] She was cast in the roles of the Favorite Aunt (1993)[15] and the Sugar Plum Fairy (1996) in the Washington Ballet productions of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker.[8][16]

Clinton was a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist in 1997,[17] and is a veteran of the Model United Nations.[18]

In early 1999, the Clintons learned of an article in the works at People that examined the First Family's relationships in the wake of the scandals and impending vote on President Clinton's impeachment. Notified about the article by the First Lady's office, the Secret Service contacted the magazine with their own concerns that the story could complicate Chelsea's security. The decision had been made to run the story however, and Bill and Hillary issued a statement expressing their regret and sadness. Carol Wallace, People managing editor, affirmed the magazine's sensitivity to the Clinton concerns about their daughter, but felt 19-year-old Chelsea was "an eyewitness to family drama and historical events" and thus "a valid journalistic subject". The article, entitled "Grace Under Fire", was published on February 5, 1999 with a cover photo depicting Chelsea and Hillary.[19]

In 2000, the last year of her father's presidency, Chelsea assumed some White House hostess responsibilities when her mother was campaigning for the U.S. Senate, traveling with her father on several overseas trips and attending state dinners with him.[20]

[edit] Education and professional life

[edit] Stanford University

Clinton entered Stanford in the fall of 1997 planning to major in chemistry[citation needed] and with an interest in studying medicine,[21] but eventually changed her major to history.[21]

The week before she arrived on campus, her mother wrote a letter in her syndicated column asking journalists to leave her daughter alone. Chelsea arrived at Stanford in a motorcade with her parents, Secret Service men, and almost 250 journalists. For her security, bullet-proof glass was installed in her dorm windows and cameras placed in hallways. In addition, students, faculty, and others were required to wear identification passes and Secret Service men dressed as students lived in her dorm.[22] Other than an occasional tabloid story written about her, Chelsea's four years at Stanford remained out of public view.[23]

Clinton graduated in 2001 with highest honors and a B.A. in history.[21][23] The topic of her 150-page undergraduate thesis was the 1998 Belfast Agreement in Northern Ireland, for which she interviewed her father.[23][24] At the time of Chelsea's graduation, President Clinton issued a statement saying, "Hillary and I are grateful for the friendships and great learning experiences Chelsea had at Stanford, and we are very proud of her on this special day."[25]

[edit] University College, Oxford

University College, Oxford

In July 2001, President Clinton revealed at Wimbledon that Chelsea would attend University College, Oxford in the fall – the same college where he studied politics between 1968 and 1970 on a Rhodes Scholarship.[26] Chelsea did not apply for a Rhodes. The Master of University College, Lord Butler of Brockwell, said he was delighted she was attending: "Her record at Stanford shows that she is a very well-qualified and able student. The college is also pleased to extend its link with the Clinton family." The university implemented security measures upon the recommendation of British and American advisors,[27] and fellow students were asked not to discuss her with the press.[28]

Arriving at Oxford just after the September 11 attacks on the United States, Chelsea was drawn to other American students who were also feeling the emotional after-effects of the trauma. She told Talk magazine:

Every day I encounter some sort of anti-American feeling. Over the summer, I thought I would seek out non-Americans as friends, just for diversity's sake. Now I find that I want to be around Americans – people who I know are thinking about our country as much as I am.[28]

She was criticized for those early remarks in the London press and by the newspaper Oxford Student, which angered the university by directly attacking her in an editorial.[28]

But she was described as charming, poised and unaffected by people who met her, and she appeared to successfully adjust to life abroad.[28] During her time at Oxford, Chelsea adopted a more sophisticated look, reportedly assisted by family friend Donatella Versace, whose couture shows she attended in early 2002. Geordie Greig, the editor of Tatler, ranked her No. 5 on the magazine's 2002 "Top 10 Girls" list, behind Jessica de Rothschild and Sophie Dahl.[28]

Clinton was awarded an M.Phil. in international relations in 2003.[29] Following graduation, she returned to the States, taking up residence in New York City.[21]

[edit] Columbia University and New York University

In the spring of 2010, Clinton completed a Master of Public Health degree at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health.[30] She is presently pursuing doctoral studies at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University.[31]

[edit] Professional life

In 2003, Clinton joined the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in New York City,[21] and went to work for Avenue Capital Group in the fall of 2006. She served as co-chairperson for a fund-raising week for the Clinton Foundation, and serves on the board of the School of American Ballet.[21]

[edit] Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign

Chelsea Clinton speaking during a campaign stop for her mother in Madison, Wisconsin, February 2008

In December 2007, Clinton began campaigning in Iowa in support of her mother's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.[32] She appeared across the country, largely on college campuses.[33][34][35] By early April 2008, she had spoken at 100 colleges on behalf of her mother's candidacy.[36]

On the campaign trail, Chelsea answered audience questions but did not give interviews or respond to press questions,[37] including one from a nine year old Scholastic News reporter asking whether or not her father would be a good "first man"."[38] She replied, ""I'm sorry, I don't talk to the press and that applies to you, unfortunately. Even though I think you're cute".[39] Philippe Reines, her mother's press secretary, intervened when the press attempted to approach Chelsea directly.[38]

Clinton speaking at the 2008 Democratic National Convention

When MSNBC reporter David Shuster characterized Chelsea's participation in her mother's campaign as "sort of being pimped out", the Clinton campaign objected. Shuster subsequently apologized on-air and was suspended for two weeks.[40]

The first time a college student asked about her mother's handling of the Lewinsky scandal at a campaign stop she responded, "I do not think that is any of your business".[36] But as she became a more experienced campaigner she refined her response and deflected questions on the issue with comments like "If that's what you want to vote on, that's what you should vote on. But I think there are other people [who are] going to vote on things like healthcare and economics."[36][41]

On August 26 at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Chelsea called Hillary "my hero and my mother" and introduced her with a long video tribute.[42] After this appearance she returned to New York City and her private life.

[edit] Engagement and marriage

On July 31, 2010, Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky were married in an interfaith ceremony at Rhinebeck, New York. The venue for the nuptials was Astor Courts, a 50-acre, 1902 Beaux-Arts estate on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River. The estate at that time was the home of Hillary Clinton supporter Kathleen Hammer, once a producer at Oxygen Media, and Arthur Seelbinder, a developer and businessman.[43]

Mezvinsky was born December 15, 1977 to former Iowa Democratic congressman Edward Mezvinsky and former Pennsylvania Democratic congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, and is one of their 11 adopted and biological children. He was raised in the Conservative Jewish tradition.[44]

The Clintons and the Mezvinskys were friends in the 1990s and their children met on a Renaissance Weekend retreat in Hilton Head, SC.[44] They first were reported to be a couple in 2005, and became engaged over Thanksgiving weekend in 2009.[45]

Marc was a Goldman Sachs investment banker, and, at the time of the marriage, an investment banker at 3G Capital Management.[45] The couple lives in New York City's Gramercy Park neighborhood.[46]

[edit] References

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In the eyes of myself
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     There where three men. All who seemed frightened. They stood on the edge of the canyon looking on as a fourth man tumbled to his death. We could have saved him said one of the men. He should have saved himself said another. The third man just look at them bewildered and brought a handgun to his own head and pulled the trigger. Blood spattered. The two men watched as he slumped to the ground. The first man screamed and the second threw himself to the side of the man on the ground. Why?!! he screamed. It was the only sound heard. Sobbing he looked at the man standing and said you did this! You and your frigging righteous speech about the lives we leave and the sacrifice we must make. Your the devil. I am not the devil said the standing man only the truth. The truth about what? The other man screamed. Your life he said and he jumped.

The man heard a ringing and he sat up slowly. It was over the dream but his thoughts where still on the side of the canyon. How did this happen. How did it all just fade away? The dream came and went in an instant leaving his mind boggled and his eyes heavy. I knew I was there thought the man but how? It was all to familiar the thoughts of how it could happen and then suddenly be gone. If this ever...Read More

The story Elijah and Ellen
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     The story of Elijah and Ellan. This is the story of Elijah and Ellan. Ellan is a beutiful temptress and Elijah is a dutiful servant of Ellan's. Together the pair fell in love and soon became a duo of in excessible excession. They frolicked in the sun under the rare occurance of rain they took shelter in the arms of each other. One day while hiding from the glares of the sun under an oak tree that provided an abundance of shade they looked into each others souls and realized there where no people suited for each other then the two of them where suited for each other. They basked in the notion that they where the most two compatible souls on the planet. As they where thinking this a giant unforseen acclamaited acclamation occurred. The planet began to tremble and shake beneath them and the stars came out. The sun hid amongst the clouds and everything from start to finish began to take shape. There where huge explosions and giant surges of wind and rain. The two began to run for their shelter knowing at the exact moment the trembling and violent agressions of unacclaimated weather started that they most likely wouldn't make it to see another sunrise. The planet was exploding with molten lava and the tempertures where unbearable as for the two of them could remember they had never seen a winter climate and didn't expect they ever would. The planet had been...Read More

today was a day of dismal despair
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Things have gone down hill drastically now for a very long time. We seem to be some what defeated but yet i know we still have some power and prominance. We are fighting an up hill battle and there is no way forward from here from what i can see. We are trudging along a path that goes nowhere.

In a time of desilute despair
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There was a time when I was in desilute despair. The only thing I had was me myself and I to fall back on. I looked at the person who was my opponent and I knew one of  us was going to die and I was going to do everytrhing I could to make dam sure it wasn't me. I pulled my six shooter from its holster and aimed at the guy looking at me  about 30 yards away. He also went for his gun and in lightning speed he was laid sprawled out on the dirt bleeding and moaning. I had heard a shot but new that it had come from my own gun. He never even got a shot off. I was unscathed and again undeafeted. Anybody who ever tried to kill me was dead and their where over 30 who had tried and failed to kill yours truly.

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Gravity is the force of nature that pulls cellestrial bodies toward one another. The cause of gravity is the enertia of a bodies movement through space and time. This happens by an object preconcievably traveling through the cosmos at an alarming rate of acceleration. The faster an object travels the more enertia it will build up and then will therefore have a greater ability to move. the more it moves the more other objects will cling to it. the way this can be proved is by taking an object and hurtling it towards another object the two objects would collide do to the enertia pulling them towards each other. Thy would not stay on their current trajectory but their paths would alter towards one another in a greater force than their initial gravitational pull. the best test to accomodate this theory would be tow baseballs flying through the air at speeds over one hundred miles an hour. The baseballs would not interject themselves with one another normally but at this speed would do so do to the balls enertia pulling them towards one another.

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Time is the tell tale physics model that allows the distance between to linear points. To tell time is there and does in fact exist you must witness the distance between any two points change.If anything changes then time has been a factor. To change time without the physical world is impossible because if nothing changes time can not exist. If I changed time to a quicker pace the physical world would not allow it because time set on a scale like ours is already based on the amount the physical world can react. It is a concrete absolute fundamental that can not vary.If you traveled at the speed of light everything around you would slow cause you are moving at a constant pace with time. Therefore it would seem that less time would pass in actuality you have kept pace with time so everything around you has slowed where as you have actually sped up. The cause of time is based on the fact that to allow something to coexist their has to be some kind of reaction. Therefore time is an absolute must and must exist in every realm throughout the universe. Time and gravity relate by gravity allowing time to basically set its fundamental properties. Everything within gravity works at a certain time within a certain time.

The unexpected
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How many people did you expect to expect the unexpected when the unexpected was what was actually what to expect. If you had expected the unexpected you still wouldn't have ever known what was to come because the unexpected was so unexpected you couldn't have ever expected it.

The new world order
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There will be a manifestation of the realm in which we live when the world will become a more positive place to reside. When the world does manifest itself people will look to the person in charge and wonder why he has come into power. There will be only one explanation. There was a ruler of facets whom could look to the universe and see the realm for what it was. A place of deliberate decadence that was brought forth by a being of superior intelligence. In order for that realm to have a continual renewal of corvoidance in which it can be controlled there has to be an element of manipulation. This element can bring about the most evolutionary facets of distinguishable difference from even the norm in which we live. Once the element has been completely manipulated to bring forth a new provision, then the world in which we know will alter to the point of preponderance of persuasion of the person who has set forth the dialogue of distinguishable differences, that will evidently make the mark of the seclusion, from which we all have come to now as the normal normality, we have come to expect. Once this happens we will all see the governance of governance under his control. This is to be a new proponent that will be welcome by some and resented by others. Those who resent this have their reasons as do those who look to the changes...Read More

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