balanced max keto  These three Natural Weight loss pills are great on their own or taken with products. I selected to write about these three today because I am currently taking them. I have stacked them together previously and love the final results that I have got from doing so. What I personally do is take 4g of AST CLA daily, breaking that up into two doses, one with breakfast as well as other with my afternoon meal. For the L-Carnitine, I use Dymatize Nutrition's Acetyl L-Carnitine. I take three caps (1,500mg) with breakfast and another 3 caps with lunch. For the 7-Keto (DHEA) I use Twinlab's 7-Keto. I take that one cap with breakfast, so six pills with breakfast overall, and another around an hour before I go to bed. I take one before I go to bed because I've discovered that I sleep better. I'm not certain if there are studies showing that it helps with proper R.E.M. sleep, but I definitely sleep good doing it that .