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i am 30 year old

Dislikes And Likes
i like going out with my friends ...i hate playing games

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Favorite Books
without a silver spoon

Your Most Wanted Pet
ca, and dog

General About Me
I am honest, loyal, faithful, trusting, kind, caring, loving and fun, with a compassionate and generous nature. Some time I have a wild adventurous side of me, I definitely have morals and integrity but some time its guide my behavior in some ways or another. I don't play games with a person heart or their feelings. I am very ambitious and intelligent, I also have a wonderful attitude about life. I have a wonderful sense of humor. I can easily adapt to most situations. I love to travel, explore new things, catch a movie, or read a book, I love listen to variety of music, I enjoy in sharing a meaningful, intimate conversation with my partner. I believe in communication, honest, trust and respect are very important in any relationship I'm involved in. I am a very romantic, affectionate, sensuous and very passionate gurl. I would never make you feel unappreciated or I would never be neglected, nor I would take you for granted. I will always be willing to compromise, and treat me the way you want to be treated..

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