Looong Apr 9th 2016

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Dislikes And Likes
Sci-Fi, Online MMORPGS, Drumming, Music, Food, Porn

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Favorite Books
Test of Twins, Dragonlace Series, Forgotten Realms Series, A Thousand Orcs by R.A. Salvator, D&D Books, Drum sheet music books.

Your Most Wanted Pet
Mature Mistress,

General About Me
37 WM, I like to play Drums. I live in Stafford Springs ct. Like online video games, and watch sci-fi, action movies, adventure. Currently going back to school for computer certifications and working part time.

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Oct 20th 2019
Nov 1st 2016

I private messaged you my cell number. Text me.

Nov 1st 2016

Me and Jamey are having a weed legalization party if it gets passed if you want to come.

Oct 21st 2016
Ok well I been trying to get a hold if you no luck.
Apr 9th 2016

Hi. Ya would like to get together. I recently moved and had to get new cell service.

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