Mint Tea is the powerhouse of numerous health benefits! Read this article to know more!
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Mint is packed with uncountable benefits. For its healing properties, Mint has been a medicinal drug for centuries. Moreover, Ancient people used to drink mint tea to relieve gastritis and many other stomach-related problems. Nowadays, various cultures, especially Moroccan, believe Mint tea possesses magical properties and consume Mint tea daily. This article will help you know the various benefits of Mint tea:

Drink mint tea to get relief from acidity!

Stomach issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), Acidity, Heartburn, Gastritis, etc. are common. Millions of people are dealing with these stomach issues daily. However, the problem with all these solutions is Mint tea. Mint tea is known to eliminate almost 90% of stomach issues. Mint tea once or twice daily can help relax the stomach muscles. Also, drinking Mint tea bile juice helps the bile juice works efficiently in digestion. As a result, the digested food passes easily through the stomach. Furthermore, you can add a hint of ginger to your tea which will do wonders with Mint.

Bad breath? Mint Tea proves beneficial for you!

Bad breath is a very common problem these days. Due to our poor eating habits and hygiene, our mouth becomes a house of bacteria and can cause serious damage if not treated on time. Therefore, Mint tea is a proven drink to eliminate bad breath. Also, Mint tea helps with bad breath and reduces the chances of tooth decay, infections, enamel erosion, etc.

Start your day with freshly prepared Mint tea and see the bad breath getting away. Moreover, please use toothpaste, including peppermint flavor, for best results.

Mint tea can save you from strong menstrual cramps!

The benefits of Mint tea are uncountable as the list goes on! A cup of Mint tea is one of the most effective remedies for menstrual cramps. Mint is known to help muscles relax. Therefore, You can rely on Mint tea during menstruation as it helps in reducing uterus contraction. As a result, you will get comfort from cramps.

You can now enjoy tea and lose weight simultaneously!

It is a myth that you must cut off tea to lose weight. On the contrary, mint tea is proven to promote weight loss. Mint tea has zero calories, making it an ideal drink for losing weight. Consumption of mint tea on an empty stomach burns the stubborn fat at a fast pace. Also, it has a sweet sugary flavor that can help reduce the sugar craving and satisfy hunger curbs.

Mint tea helps improve sleep and mood!

One of the most amazing benefits of mint tea is that it helps regulate sleep. Mint tea does not contain caffeine and is safe to drink at night. Mint tea calms nerves, promoting sleep. Also, Mint tea contains healing properties and helps relax your mood. The first thing you consume in a day decides your mood. Please make sure to have a cup of tea to reduce mood swings and improve concentration.

How to cleanse Crystals- All you need to know
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Every animate and inanimate thing in this world holds a certain energy level. The energies in such things vary depending upon many things. Crystals are powerful inanimate things that can hold and radiate a good amount of energy. Indeed, that's the reason why crystals have such demands across the world. Since it can hold a cert amount of energy, it is used for different purposes. Especially in a spiritual context, people use different types of crystals. Some keep crystal stones; some use them as pendants and rings.
How to cleanse crystals often becomes a question for those with it. In that context, let's look into the different methods of cleaning crystals. 


Cleanse your Crystals


Cleanliness is one of the fundamental things one must follow in life. Things in the home and living ambiance should be clean for a positive ambiance. We know how to clean our surroundings and things. However, when it comes to cleansing crystals, people have many confusions and doubts. Let's know a few methods to cleanse the crystals.




Water is one of the best ways to cleanse your crystals. It neutralizes and cleanses your crystal. You must keep the crystal under clean flowing water. Make sure that water doesn't contain any contamination or chemicals. Hold the crystal under a tap or put it in water for about one minute. Then take it out and make it dry.




Keeping the crystals inside the rice for some time can also charge and cleanse the crystals. It will be great if the crystals are buried in rice for a full day. 




Exposing the crystals to solar and lunar light will also help the crystal get cleansed and energized. It is best to keep the crystals out on the full moon day.




The right reverberation of sounds to the crystals and cleanse them. For positive vibrations, mantras are generally chanted. So chanting mantras while keeping crystals close to your mouth can energize the crystals. Furthermore, the meditation or sound bowls can also be used for the cleaning purpose of crystals.

Larger stones

The larger stones or crystals can charge up the smaller ones. Indeed, it is very easy to do. Just place the larger crystals on the above smaller crystals for some time. Being in contact with the larger stones, the smaller ones will get clean. 




Meditation is one of the intense ways to charge and clean crystals. Just hold the crystals in your hand and close your eyes for meditation. Do the meditation for 10-15 minutes; one can increase the duration according to his time and practice. After a good mediation, the crystals would have been charged and cleaned.




There are many types of crystals that are easily available. However, few types of crystals are rare and expensive. When one buys or keeps crystals, it is important to cleanse and charge them properly. How to cleanse crystals should not be a matter of question anymore. Using the above method, one can easily cleanse and charge any crystals. 

These three types of Leadership styles can take you to new extremes and help you achieve your dreams!
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Leadership is one of the most general topics today as everyone seeks to become a leader someday. But do we understand the meaning of leadership? There is much more to it than ruling a bunch of people or the whole community. It has never been easy for great leaders to run a big empire. It requires loads of hard work, determination, and confidence to guide a group of people or an organization. From Subhash Chandra Bose to Obama, Big leaders have unique leadership tactics that gave them the title of "extraordinary ." Today, we will discuss three main types of Leadership styles that have been experimented with and proved effective. 

Types of Leadership styles:


One of the most favored types of leadership styles is Democracy. As the name suggests, Democracy believes in equal rights for each individual of a community. This type of leadership has its principles based on freedom. That means the people under democratic leadership have the right to live on their terms. Moreover, the Democratic type of leadership provides power to the common people to choose their leader. As this type of leadership provides power to their people, people get a fair chance to choose their leader. This gives the common people a sense of authority and feels empowerment. Giving voice to the people is one of the best leadership tactics followed by several great leaders of the century. The main aim of this leadership is to give voice to the public. They are free to choose their leader and give their opinion with a free mind. Many great countries, like the United States, Japan, Israel, etc., practice democracy and are one of the most powerful countries in the world.


Before Democracy overtook, aristocratic leadership was widespread all over the world. Aristocracy was commonly practiced for thousands of years. In this type of leadership, a certain ruler or leader decides what will happen to their people. Moreover, the leader is not obliged to seek help from the common people. A group of cabinet members is allowed to give the leader advice. However, he doesn't need to follow that advice. In other words, the common people's life falls in this particular person's hands. Neither people can object to what their leaders are doing, nor are they free to give their opinion. They are expected to follow what their leaders expect them to. 


Bureaucracy is a unique type of leadership. The rules and regulations are the main sources of this type of leadership. Everything that goes by the books or law is considered correct in this leadership. Leaders and common people tend to follow their set of rules. However, bureaucratic leaders listen to their people and make reforms as long as their principles are not coming in the way. This type of leadership can be adapted to a very disciplined environment where people are expected to follow the rules. This leadership style can be seen in MNCs or big organizations where employees are expected to follow the company's invented policies. A policy breach is taken very seriously in such a disciplined environment.


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