How was your experience to have sex with an escort in Connaught Place?
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I have been in escort after my breakup. After a month of my breakup, I was desiring for some intimacy but I have nobody to do so. I did not even proceed with a new relationship. I talked about it with my friend and she gave me the idea of hiring a Connaught Place escort to fulfill my needs. I have never been in escort before so for me it was a new experience. I don’t even know the profession so my friend helped me to book a male escort. She showed me various photographs of Connaught Place Escorts and asked about my choice and after going through many photographs I finalized one. We booked him and gave him the times. I preferred to have sex at my place only and of course for this he charged extra but it's okay for my comfort level.

I was a little nervous before CP Escort Service and was thinking of how will it be and how will I manage with him. He arrived at his given time and at first, he greeted me warmly, and then we sat down on my sofa and had a drink together. Then he asked about my preferences like what I need and in what manner I want to have sex. He asked everything and somewhere he also noticed my nervousness and tried to comfort me with his jokes. He was amazing at dealing with a customer. Then we get into my bedroom and first he undressed and then slowly came towards my bed. Then he started penetrating me with kissing and licking. Then Connaught Place Call Girl had very good sex and he provided me with everything I wanted. It was a nice experience and I felt so good after having sex with him.


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