Complete Guide of Zircon Gemstone:
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The gemstones also called as ornamental stones are obtained from stones and are available in beads of all colors, sizes and shapes. They will fit perfectly into your ethnic or baroque creations. They are available in the color of red, blue, yellow etc. There are also violet gemstones available in the market.


Zircon stone: Zircon virtues

Zircon is a precious mineral including colored crystal. It appears in many colors: sometimes green, sometimes dark red, yellow or orange yellow and colorless zircon is also available. Aesthetically very beautiful, it is however difficult to wear because it is one of the heaviest gems that exists.

Origin of the name: "Zirconium" derives from "Zircon", the name of the ore from which it was extracted for the first time.

  • Group of belonging: Siliciate
  • Color(s): Green, red, blue, yellow or orange
  • Symbol: Light and materialization
  • Hardness:5 to 7.5
  • Fields: USA, South Africa, India, Ceylon and Australia
  • Chemical composition: Zirconium silicate

Varieties of Zircon:

Blue zircon (from Ratanakiri): A particular variety of Zircon is Ratanakiri's Zircon, after the name of the deposit in Cambodia. It provides one of the most beautiful specimens of this blue zircon .

Zircon Hyacinth: It is also called hyacinth in its brown color.

 Cubic Zircon: aaa cubic zirconia is a synthetic and natural gem.

Benefits and virtues of Zircon:

Zircon has great virtues in lithotherapy. It must be kept in mind that the stone releases some radioactivity. You must seek the advice of a specialist to handle it safely. Calming stone, it soothes pains, cramps and blisters. Women who have painful menstruation may find relief using a Zircon stone.

The stone would have several other virtues for the cardiovascular system, for the libido, for the various types of viral or microbial infections. People prone to respiratory allergies that could help them overcome these ailments. On the psychic and spiritual, Zircon calms the mind. It brings the moral strength needed to overcome sadness and fears. A stone of courage and strength, Zircon brings self-confidence. Spiritual harmony stone, Zircon would align the physical body and the subtle bodies.

The powerful energy properties of the stone help to regulate the body's various energy flows. Zircon is one of the stones that stimulates and optimizes the vibratory action of other stones that can be associated with it. Ideal for remedying psychic and energy blockages. The fine stone could help solve the emotional and emotional problems that hinder the development of the being.

Reloading and purification: The purification of Zircon is not often necessary because of the stone's ability to repel negativity. But when necessary, simply immerse the stone in the slightly salty distilled water. The zircon is recharged by exposure to sunlight on a quartz pile.

Meaning and history of Zircon: Etymologically, the origin of the term Zircon is not unanimous among specialists. For some, the term comes from the Arabic word zarqun or "cinnabar". For others the term would originate from Persia zargun. Still others suggest a Greek origin to the word. Zircon stone is often subject to some depreciation. Indeed, due to its use as a diamond substitute stone. This use in jewelry should not lose sight of the fantastic beauty of this stone that has a resemblance to the Diamond.

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