Explore different car body types that can help you buy the perfect car for you!
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Choosing a car can be difficult if you have an idea that would suit you and your family best! There are several things that you must keep in mind when you decide to buy a car. For a family, you need a car with enough space so that the whole family can enjoy road trips. However, a small car with great features would be the perfect combination. This article will help you with the major car body types to choose the suitable one for you and your family!

Check out the list of major car body types:

A sedan class can fulfill a small family’s needs:

Sedan class is one of the oldest car models. Just like a carriage, sedan classes are long with ample space. However, it has been modified into a three-sectional car with four doors and a fixed roof, perfect for a small family vacation. When the world was changing, the British inventor got the idea of making sedan cars during the 1800s. He picked up the idea from a sedan chair. For those who do not know Sedan chairs, these were the types of royal chairs used for traveling only by royal family members. It was a big chair with four ends, more like a carriage. The enslaved people used to carry these chairs when royal members needed to travel from one place to another. This brilliant inventor Karl Benz invented "The Motorwagen’ in 1886, which is considered the first sedan. Today, the sedan class is famous for its body design and space and is popular in several European countries.

You can take an SUV literally anywhere!

SUVs are one of the most preferred cars because of their capacity to handle large groups of people. Also, due to the heavy upper body, the trunk of the SUV is set higher from the ground. The tires used in the manufacturing are quite strong to handle the upper body and 7-8 people at a time. Moreover, because of its strong and unbeatable tires, this car body type is suitable to take in difficult terrains. 

The unique structure of a CUV makes it lighter!

Sometimes people get confused while buying a CUV as it is often compared with an SUV. However, the framework of both cars is different. An SUV has a heavy upper body and is divided into sections. However, the CUV consists of a single structure, making it lighter and more comfortable. Also, it gives more room to keep your belongings than a regular car. CUV is ideal if you are looking for budget cars with low maintenance and higher efficiency.

Supercars can give you wings!

Ever tried riding a supercar? It feels like you are flying. With immeasurable speed, Supercars come with quality facilities. It can give you goosebumps while driving supercars. Anyone can buy a supercar with a budget. However, these cars are specifically designed for racing professionals.

Other major Car body types include Coupe, Convertible, Spyder, etc., which are the subcategory of these four major versions.

Malcolm Washington: Check out some interesting facts about this athlete turned director!
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It is very rare to see any athlete changing careers. It must be hard for Malcolm to decide what career to seek as he was a talented athlete. Let us discuss some interesting facts about this popular celebrity.

Malcolm Washington was a celebrated Basketball player!

Malcolm started playing basketball during his college days. He was a part of his college basketball team and was quite popular among his teammates. Moreover, Malcolm was the best player on his team, and his teammates counted on him to win. He has played at the state level while in college and brought several trophies for the team. Due to his keen interest and amazing basketball skills, Malcolm decided to pursue a career in basketball.

Malcolm’s professional journey started in 2009 when he joined Yale as a student. He started playing professionally in the following year when he appeared at Villanova. Malcolm was chosen as the replacement for Rosen, who was suspended from the game for breaching some rules. It was a golden opportunity for Malcolm, which he used well. 

Afterward, Malcolm’s basketball career boomed when he played and won against Saint Joseph, Delaware, and Davidson. Malcolm became popular instantly as he won several prestigious awards for his college. When Malcolm became the team Captain, his team became unbeatable. Under the supervision of Malcolm Washington, his team got the chance to play in the CIF Division V state championship, which was the dream of every player back then.

Malcolm’s career was touching new extremes when he stunned the public. It was shocking for the fans and family when Malcolm decided to quit basketball at a very young age and decided to become a director. It was least expected from someone whose career is on cloud nine. However, despite several controversies, fans respected the decision eventually.

Malcolm Washington is an established American filmmaker!

It is worthless to think if Malcolm regrets his decision to quit basketball. Everyone had doubts as Malcolm rejected a successful athlete career to start again from scratch. It does require courage which Malcolm possesses plenty. Michael always wanted to become a filmmaker. According to Michael, it was never his dream to pursue a career as an athlete. Basketball is MAklcom’s hobby which he loves to do in his free time. Perhaps Michael’s roots are responsible for his decision to switch careers. Despite several arguments and grudges, Malcolm talked his family out of this. Malcolm started learning filmmaking and got a degree in 2013. 

Malcolm’s first project was “Chef,” which was a big hit. This boosted his confidence, and he continues to taste success to date. Moreover, Michael worked as an assistant for CHef, and many other mega-hits, including She’s gotta have it, Trouble man, etc. The audience was impressed by their favorite celebrity as he gave the people an “out the world” experience.

Malcolm’s net worth is on the rise as he continues to give several hits!

Malcolm belongs to a family of actors, which explains his passion for pursuing a career in Hollywood. Malcolm’s father, Denzel Washington, was an established Hollywood actor with a net worth of $200 million. Also, Malcolm’s mother, Paulette Washington, was a popular actress during the 90s. As of now, Malcolm’s net worth is $2 million, which is no less considering that he started his career recently. His incredible talent and passion for learning will make him number one soon. 

The net worth of this "Canadian Rapper" has increased rapidly! Check out some interesting facts about Tom Macdonald in this article!
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The world has seen several rappers from Canada who became insanely famous due to their talent. Is it the Canadian grounds or blood? Where such talents are flourishing. From Drake to Mickie Mee, Canadian rappers have brought a revolution to the music industry. If we check the list of best rappers worldwide, most of them belong to Canada. One more name has been doing well in the rapping industry. This new Canadian rapper will touch the new extremes of success soon. Today, we will learn some interesting facts about our rising Canadian rapper, Tom MacDonald.

Tom MacDonald was a born Rapper!

There is not much information mentioned about our Canadian star. Tom was born in the lands of Canada on 21 September 1988. His parents were proud of him when he started rapping in his school days. Tom got the support of his parents when he decided to compose raps. As he had no connection in Hollywood, he chose social media to showcase his skills. Tom started his own YouTube channel and uploaded his rap songs and music videos. 

Tom Macdonald got the public’s attention when his videos got viral on social media. Today, every child in Canada and the United States knows his name and sings his raps. Moreover, Tom picks up any social issue and makes a rap on it. That is why the public love his confidence and his act of showcasing any issue in such an artistic way.

TomMacdonald Career highlights:

Tom MacDonald is not only a Canadian rapper but also an established social media influencer too. Before becoming a star, Tom began his career on social media, where he uploaded self-made videos. He respects the love the public gave him and did not stop uploading songs on social media even after getting insane fame. Tom has a huge fan following on YouTube with 3 million subscribers and around 500 million views on his content.

Recently there has been an increase in TomMacdonald fan following as it jumped from 21k to 3.3 million on Instagram.

Some of his popular raps include White Boy, Everybody Hates Me, and Politically incorrect. Tom always chooses society’s issues to make a rap on it. Tom says it’s his way of showcasing his opinions and views to the people. During the lockdown, two of his songs were released, namely “CoronaVirus” and “I don’t care,” in 2020. Both songs had some social message that the public loved and became big hits the following year.

Tom MacDonald’s net worth:

Tom’s biggest inspiration was Eminem. As he said, Eminem is the best thing that has happened to the rap industry. Tom MacDonald has released several great hits in these few years. All of these songs were big hits which increased his net worth to $100 thousand. Tom continues to make new raps and is booming the industry with his talent and incredible skills.


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