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Category: Funny

Got to the party and I knew it was true this is the party of all parties I'm telling you dudes. So many partiers partying so totally partying all partied up falling over drunk and that kinda stuff. I came to the party to get partied myself and with so many others I was having my doubts.The doubt was what for liquor was gonna be left. I wasn't sure I'd get drunk but figured I'd try my best. So I did and accomplished my goal now I'm at the computer all drunken writing this post. Ye HA!!

Don't Let Your Guard Down
Category: Funny

To many torpedos have sunk to many ships. I know how it feels to be torpedoed. It has happened to me to many times. Once when I was sailing along minding my business wham! bam! out of no where comes torpedo number one. While I was getting my bearings slam! Torpedo number to hits. Devastated I looked for an avenue of escape but there was none. My only recourse was to go on the offensive. I plowed towards the other ship guns blazing budalam! budalam! budalam! The other ship retreating victory in my grasp the fourth torpedo hit, bam!, slam! my battle ship was sunk and I kinda thunk never again will I let my guard down.

Detramental Health
Category: Funny

People come to me and they quiver. I know the reason. There afraid. Ya and I'd be afraid too cause my detramental health could be the end of you fool.

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